Excerpt from Silent Scream the Chapter on Debra Lowe Missing Since 7/8/1972

                                                                       Debra Sue Lowe                                                                   Chapter Fifty Five

Debora Sue Lowe

The Seventh Silent Scream    

   Debora was a brown haired, brown eyed child born September 19, 1958. She lived in Pompano Beach, Florida. She weighed 125 pounds and was five feet five inches tall. Her upper teeth were crowded together one of her front teeth had a small chip in it. She had a small scar on her left leg.

    She was last seen wearing a tan poncho, a yellow blouse and black slacks with vertical rose colored stripes.

    The last time Debora was seen was on February 28, 1972. She was seen walking to Rickards Middle School near 8th Street and Sunrise Boulevard in Pompano Beach between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning.

    At first law enforcement thought she had run away from her new home and back to Palestine, West Virginia. Her family had recently moved to Pompano Beach from West Virginia. Her family didn’t believe she would do that. She had no history of being a runaway. She left behind all of her personal belongings.

    Eva Newsome Debora’s sister said that the police encouraged her parents to tell them that Debora was a runaway. She said in an interview they didn’t want to be bothered. She also said the family finally got a copy of the Pompano Beach
Police Department complaint form. It said that Mr. Lowe had stated Debora might be headed for Palestine, WV. The statement said she didn’t have any friends in the area and was not allowed to date. Ms. Newsome believes that Debora may have been another victim of Gerard Schaefer.

   Four years later Debora’s father died of a heart attack. The rest of her family still holds hope.

Her silent screams are still being heard.      

 copywrite Yvonne Mason 2008 Lulu.com

 This is an e-mail I received from Debra’s brother about the affect Debra’s disapperance has had on the family:

We would be glad to share some of the things that our family went through in the days, months and years following Debbie’s disappearance.  As you can well imagine, our parents endured every parents worst nightmare, without much support and in the absence of any infrastructure designed to apply to a missing child case.


In the beginning, our parents were given little if any assistance from local law enforcement.  As a matter of fact, the orginal file contains only four pages.  Since Debbie was a teenager, though barely at 13, and we were recent transplants to Florida, Debbie was labeled a runaway.  There was no evidence to support that.  In fact, law enforcement was already aware of Gerard Schaefer’s pattern, or became aware shortly after.  NO ONE ever contact us to suggest the possible link.  Our mother seemed to allude to that, since she kept a scrap book of missing girls and body recoveries that were later linked to Schaefer. 


Our mother packed up the family and went back to West Virginia after some time, but our father went back to Florida to continue his search.  As he attempted to put pressure on local law enforcement to respond, he was actually threatened with arrest himself.  Not due to any lack of effort on our father’s part, Debbie’s case grew cold, as did their hope of ever finding her.  Our father eventually returned to West Virginia, dying just a few years later of a heart attack at age 45.  I am certain Debbie’s disappearance contributed to his death, in my opinion dying of a broken heart literally and medically. 


Now our mother was left with three children minor children to raise and little time to work on Debbie’s case.  She was also unsure as to what to do next.  I do remember that in my fifth grade year, about 28 years ago, the FBI approached my mother about declaring Debbie dead but she rejected their request.  Our mom truly would not give up on Debbie until she was found, which hasn’t happened yet.  After years of heartache and worry, our mother died in 1995, strangely the same day that Gerard Schaefer was murdered in prison.  Bitter irony? 


After a few conversations a few years later, my brother revealed that he had always had an intense desire to know what happened to Debbie.  He would’ve been the last one to see her alive, as they walked to school that morning.  He and I began a search that led him almost immediately to Gerard Schaefer.  We also took any and every opportunity to have Debbie added to any missing child website.  We have worked with NCMC, Polly Klass, Charlie Project, Dinora Perry (who is a wonderful soul who works for the victim and families just like you), Dinah Johnson of Florida Department of Law Enforcement and many others.  So many people have reached out to try and help but the case is so cold that it is hard to get a lead.  We only need one. We believe there is someone alive who either  seen her get in a car, heard someone brag, or seen something else.  We also believe that she may be one of the MANY undentified corpses that have never been DNA tested on the Florida books.  My brother works endless hours trying to get money shook loose to spend on these victims.  They are all victims and their families are out there, like us, waiting to hear anything.  Just wanting closure and to know even how to pray.  We want Debbie to be brought home. 


To sum up the emotions:  fear, anger, hopelessness, confusion, betrayal and rejection.  Those are the things our parents faced.  Unfortunately, we’ve met with resistance ourselves from many who simply seem as though they don’t have the time or desire to hear about Debbie.  With the exception of a wonderful few, including you, my brother has had to practically kick down every door that ever opened. 


I hope this helps.  I do, unbelievably, grieve Gerard Schaefer’s death.  Not because of any other reason than that he took information we need with him.  He knew how to close the door for many families but chose to keep victimizing people, even from behind bars, by almost confessing then recanting.  I wish we could get at him, meet with him, and search his eyes for any sign of truth to even have an idea where to search for Debbie.   Outside of that, I know he is answerable to God right now and I truly wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.  I have to believe Debbie is on the other side of eternity, where, after brief pain and horror, she will rest comfortably with God forever.


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  1. Most people dont under stand the pain family go throw,, the not knowing,, the people that do these things to our young people should never get out of jail, Thay cant stop, Thank god for all the missing children sight that help the familys with some one missing,, The bad dreams will never stop till we have our love one’s home,,these people that do these sex crimes need to be tracked and watched for ever,, Thank you mrs mason for such a good job on your book,, God Bless you nand your family,,

    • James thank you for understanding that it is for the girls – they now have a voice and will never ever be forgotten again. As you know I will be adding more – this site is a work in progress for all of our missing and murdered – they will never be forgotten ever again.

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