Excerpt From Silent Scream Pamela Nater One of Schaefer’s Many Victims

Chapter Fifty One

Pamela Ann Nater

The Second Known

Silent Scream

     Pamela Ann Nater was born May 30, 1946 to Herman and Alice Nater. She was a 20 year old dark brown haired, brown eyed beauty that cool autumn day in October 1966 when she walked away from the picnic area never to be seen again. She was only five foot three inches tall and weighed one hundred twenty pounds.

   She loved the Beatles. She was going to be asked to be married to her current Beau Danny Dauterman.   

   Pam had graduated from Clearwater high school a few years early and became a nurse. She worked at Morton Plant Hospital.  

   Her father and mother posted at $25,000.00 reward for information about their daughter. In 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Nater were 87 and 85 years old.

   They knew they were reaching the end of their time and still had no closure on the daughter they loved and lost. They both knew that someone someplace knew something.

   In remembrance of Pam they kept the purse, comb and shoes their daughter left behind the day the forest heard her silent scream.

   Mr. Nater remains troubled. He still believes more should have been done by the Lake County Sheriff, Willis McCall. He felt that McCall only put on a show and gave lip service to the disappearance.

   The case has been closed, but their daughter remains in the forest screaming silently.   



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