Where is She?

bj missing poster big 1 This young woman has been missing for nine years. Where did she go? How did she just disappear without a trace? Who took her? Why did they take her? Was it a stranger or someone she knew? Why did the people she left with let her family know she didn’t return with them? Why did it take her mom a week to find out she had not returned? Is anyone in law enforcement still looking or is she now a unsloved sitting on a shelf someplace?
Her family has no closure. They are still waiting for her to return one way or the other. This family deserves more than this. They need your help in locating their daughter and sister. They need closure.
Is she one of the many hundreds of Jane Doe’s in unmarked graves or in morgues?
This could be some one you love.


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  1. I want to thank whoever posted this. Our family has all but given up hope we will ever find out what happened to BJ. With the recent events in Cleveland, it has opened up an old wound. My mother is basically the only family BJ would have left, and I know she wants nothing more than to find closure on this.

    • You are quite welcome Tyler- This is my site. I write true crime for those who no longer have a voice. I am so sorry. If you would like to email me you can – my email is ysam51@yahoo.com My name is Yvonne Mason. I can not imagine what your family has been through.

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