This Child Died While in Foster Care. The Foster Mother Forgot She Was In The Car

This child’s birth mother was sick and asked DFCS of Jackson County Georgia for help. The help they chose to give her was to take her child away from her and put her in Foster Care. The child was left in a hot car by the foster mother and died. This is not the first time Jackson County has done something this stupid.

JESSICA SCOVILFoster mom indicted in baby’s death
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Wednesday, November 26. 2008
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Wendy Osborne, 29, Nicholson, was indicted Monday by a Jackson County Grand Jury on two counts related to the Sept. 2 death of 9-month-old Jessica Scovil.

Osborne was indicted for involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct in the death of Scovil, who was in foster care at the Osborne home at the time of the incident. Scovil died of heat stroke after having been left in Osborne’s van at their home on Hwy. 334 in Nicholson. Officials said they are working through Osborne’s attorney for booking her next week.

Osborne had returned home around 2 p.m. on Sept. 2 and taken two 3-year-old children into the house, laving Scovil in the closed van. Around 5 p.m., Osborne awoke from a nap and realized the baby was still in the vehicle. She found the baby unresponsive and called 911, according to authorities.

The child’s body temperature was above 108 degrees when tested at BJC Medical Center later that day. Two other foster children in the home, both teenagers, were taken by DFACS to another location after the incident.

Osborne had been active in foster care in the county and had helped with training new foster parents.

Scovil had been temporarily removed from the care of her birth mother and the family had been working to regain custody at the time of the incident.

A drug test on Osborne came back negative in October. The foster parent said she had been sick with strep throat at the time of the incident and was taking medication.


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