Gayle Moran Left Home One Night and Has Never Been Heard From Again Do You Know Where She Might Be?

CUE Center For Missing Persons CUE Center For Missing PersonsCUE Center For Missing Persons CUE Center For Missing Persons

P.O. Box 12714 Contact ContactContact Contact: :: : Wilmington, N.C. 28411 Monica Caison (910) 343-1131 (910) 232-1687

For immediate release For immediate releaseFor immediate release For immediate release:
CUE Center for Missing Persons will aid Florida Missing Woman
“The family of Brittanee Drexel will arrive Friday to lend support for Gayle Moran”

Wilmington, NC – It’s been close to three months since Gayle Moran vanished from her Lake Placid home leaving no clue as to her whereabouts. Gayle was last seen at her resident on July 30th by family members in early morning hours asleep, her disappearance was discovered sometime after 3:00 am along with her vehicle a maroon Nissan Murano, license tag T07-2XC; she has not been heard from since.
Mrs. Moran was last believed to be wearing a dark lime green top and bottom, similar to a sweat suit or green t-shirt with elastic waist blue jeans, brown or beige sandal type shoes, and possibly with her is her purse. The sixty nine year old woman is a native of Connecticut but has live a large portion of her life in Florida. Her family feels she may have been disoriented the night she disappeared and is very concerned for her safety. “I know my mother was going through a lot with my father being so sick and the recent death of a good friend”, said Gayle’s son, Mark Dakin. “My father passed away days after my mother vanished and this entire ordeal has been horrible for me and my family”, he added.
Last Sunday CUE Center requested aid from area families of the missing to gain support in the case of Gayle Moran and within hours the mother of once missing; Mathew Stirling arrived to the area to offer comfort and wisdom for her family. Elisa Stirling knows all to well the feeling of a missing person and when a vehicle has vanished; her son, Mathew drove into a canal and was recovered months later. Mathew’s mother since has spear headed a campaign along with others to clean Florida canals in an effort to find more of the missing. “I feel since Mrs. Moran’s car has not been located, that it is a great possibility that she and her vehicle may be in a lake or canal”, said Elisa Stirling. The family of Gayle Moran is in agreement.
An awareness campaign is slated for this Friday with the arrival at noon of Kerri Drexel another area family assisting at the center’s request. Kerri is the Aunt of recent missing teen, Brittanee Drexel who vanished in April while visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina during spring break. Numerous large scale searchers have been conducted in which have not located the child’s whereabouts. Ms, Drexel along side of Gayle family plan to distribute posters of the missing woman in an effort to remind the public she is still missing
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And hopeful for any clues that may be developed during their effort. “My niece’s case has been blessed with national media coverage and our family is fortunate to have the media’s continual support; it is vital to keep a missing loved ones case alive, this is why I feel the need to help” said Kerri Drexel. “After time passes in a missing person case, they tend to fade from the public’s radar, or the public assume the person has been found”, said Monica Caison, CUE’s founder. “Every missing person deserves attention and we hope by our efforts we will aid the resolution of this case soon”, Mrs. Caison added. A website has been developed for Mrs. Moran at by the friends of missing Missouri – Skidmore teenager, Branson Perry. Branson disappeared from his neighborhood on April 11, 2001 and to date has not been located. “We offer this volunteer effort to help the CUE Center and families of the missing, as many have reached out to us over the years” said Linda Stovall, family advocate. In the last three years the missing teen’s loved ones have donated over twelve websites for various missing person cases, all in an effort to honor Mr. Perry.

Date of Birth: 08/29/1939 Height: 5 ft 6 inches, Weight: 225 lbs., Hair: Gray w/ brown undertones, Eye: Hazel: Brown/Green
Identifying Characteristics: Glasses, scars from double knee replacements and right shoulder operation rotor cup. Birthmarks and numerous moles all over her body, both ears are pierced. Jewelry : Two gold rings, 1 wedding, 1 engagement, several bracelets, and wore two or three on each wrist. A 24″ long necklace w/ a baby Jesus charm, seiko gold watch, half circle gold rope earrings.
If anyone has information concerning the whereabouts of Gayle Moran or her vehicle please contact the Highlands County Sheriff Office at (863) 402-7200 or the CUE Center for Missing Persons (910) 343-1131 or 24 line (910) 232-1687
Every missing person is somebody’s child.
CUE Center  P.O. Box 12714  Wilmington, N.C. 28411  (910) 232-1687  e-mail:


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  1. hi gayle it jeanne we have been friends sence we where babies i just want u to get in touch with me if u read this and if ur out there please just let me know i still have a the same number as befor so please please call me

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