Kidnapping for Profit- Child Protective Services

Kidnapping for Profit by Child Protective Services

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Date: Friday, 24-Jun-2005 12:21:03 Call a Spade a Spade. Here is a dynamite article on the usurpation of the rights of parents.

The wisdom, and the understanding of human nature evidenced by our Founding Fathers in their statement in the Declaration of Independence: “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed” continues to shine forth.

I receive requests from all over the country asking what to do about various problems. The most common request concerns the Child Protective Services, (CPS) or as Utah calls it, the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS).

Federal Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer ordered the Illinois Department of Family Services to redesign their entire program because their investigations of child abuse and neglect had too many false accusations. She judged the system to be unconstitutional because they threatened people with removal of their children unless the parents cooperate with every whim issued by DCFS. Judge Pallmeyer said this tactic was extortion, which is a felony. Utah uses exactly the same tactics. This is no different that Al Capone’s protection racket of the 1920’s – do what I want or I will destroy your business.

The favorite malady that DCFS uses to take away children is called Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy, It is interesting to note that the Irish Examiner, in a story on Wednesday, January 21, 2004, titled, “Theory puts ‘5,000’ in care,” had this to say about Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy and Professor Meadow who created the Syndrome.

“It is estimated that 5,000 British children may have been taken into care over the past 15 years as a result of Professor Meadow’s theory of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy. The theory that some mothers harm their children to draw attention to themselves has been largely discredited as a result of a series of high-profile court cases.

Prof Meadow’s theory has been discredited as a result of three cases in which he gave evidence of women who were wrongly accused of killing their children.

Prof Meadow is now facing an inquiry by the General Medical Council into allegations of serious professional misconduct.

The attorney general Lord Goldsmith is now examining a further 250 criminal cases involving Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy to see if more mothers may have been wrongly convicted.”

The purported mental “disease” does not exist and the Doctor that created the problem is losing his license. But DCFS doesn’t care, because it’s not about the children, it’s about money.

That’s right, the Money.

According to an article in the Charlotte World by Angie Vineyard, the DCFS receives $4,000 for every child they place in their system. They get even more money if the child can be shown to be Special Needs. Ruling the child to have “Attention Deficit” qualifies the state for an increase in funding.

An investigation by The LA Daily News found that up to half of the 75,000 children in the California system and adoptive homes were needlessly placed in a system that is often more dangerous than their own homes because of financial incentives in state and federal laws. These laws, according to state documents, encourage counties and their private contractors to earn money by placing and keeping children in foster care. The county receives $30,000 to $150,000 in state and federal revenues annually for each child placed.

DCFS has a long history of judgment lapses and scandal. According to Angie Vineyard in the Charlotte World, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has placed so many children for adoption that the US Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson gave them an award for “collaborating with the court system, mental health providers, the General Assembly, churches, business and private citizens and for doubling the number of special needs children adopted from the foster care system in just six years.” This all adds up to more money.

Troy Anderson of the LA Daily News reports Anthony Cavuoti, a DCFS social worker for 14 years, said the department does a poor job of protecting children.

“The nominal goal is to protect children, but the real goal is to make money,” he said. “A caseworker used to have 80 to 100 cases. If the workers put kids before paperwork and administration, they are going to be forced out or harassed. With such a mentality, children are always in danger.”

In Massachusetts, Anderson Consulting and Public Consulting Groups have been hired to “maximize federal revenue”. The companies have brought the state an additional 90 million a year. That’s 90 million tax dollars awarded for pulling children out of one home and placing them with another.

The problem is much deeper than that.


As proof of that statement I offer the following:

There is no person anywhere on earth that has the inherent right to take a child away from its parents. I can’t do it. You can’t do it. And neither can your neighbors or friends.

If nobody has that power and authority, and, if We, the People, are the ones who give the government its power and authority, then –


The government knows it does not have the power and the authority. The many well educated lawyers are not dumb about the Constitution – they don’t care, because of the money that can be made. To heck with the kids, the parents, and the Constitution.

This situation is a ticking time bomb.

Eventually the people will reach the point our Founders Fathers described and demand redress for the unconstitutional actions that have been perpetrated against them by the government.

There isn’t enough money in the world to pay for the pain and suffering. And, it’s not just the parents and the kids who have suffered, it’s the grandparents, the aunts, the uncles, and the cousins.

Most of the children may be just returned to their parents, but what about the thousands who have been killed by abusive foster parents? What about the unlawful adoptions? The adoptive parents will now want redress, along with all of their extended families.

Who knows where this will go, or where it might end up.

Jim Barrus
Constitutional Concepts Foundation


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  1. My son Alex has also been stolen by the UK Social Services on false grounds. He was snatched out of school behind my back and placed into the care system despite report by the very council that did that just two months prior stating that my son was stable, happy well-cared for in every single way.

    In order to try and get away with what they had done they hired a psychologist and a psychiatrist to try and state that I was either emotionally abusing my child or had mental health problem/s.

    The first psychiatrist stated that the father is capable of caring for my son but after placing my son their he was removed by the Social Services as he was ill-treated in the care of his father and step-girlfriend and starved and hit who also took an overdose whilst my son was with her!

    The psychiatrist was completely wrong except stating that my son should have meaningful contact with me. Consequently the Social Services: Stafford have cut me off from my son altogether. Why? because I requested an investgation as to why he was taken away. They also sent the police round to falsely accuse me of abuse and persecute me.

    Everything the court Guardian in Lincoln wrote about the father such as that he would promote contact turned out to be completely wrong, in fact the Guardian Ian Enright was wrong about most things as was the Social Worker Emma Wailen in Lincoln and the Social Workers in Stafford: Charlotte Jenkins and Tony Bowen (who was drafted in to write lies about me to the court as I had applied for the return of my son) I can prove the man lied as I taped all the contacts.

    The Judge backed up the lies in his ‘Judgement’. What kind of a Judge is he? Not honest and not impartial thats for sure. I put all my proof in and he dismissed all my evidence stating that because I was ‘evasive’ in my replies therefore he considered me to be a liar?! Not easy to be cross-examined by four aggressive Barristers when you are 9 months pregnant and don’t have any representation. I was advised by my Doctor not to attend and he sent letters to the Judge, I was told I had to attend and then it was later stated that there were no letters, yet these are in my medical files.

    When I ordered my papers under DPA from both Stafford and Lincoln Social Services they had illegally deleted information which proves I am a good mother and they even deleted their comments re ‘Purpose Of The Report’ which was to assess the father!! not me!

    In fact most of the officials involved in my case wrote many horrendous lies and my son is still in their care. I wnt him returned as I am an innocent mother and a good mother.

  2. Sabina,
    I am researching and getting ready to write a book about this very thing. I am looking for stories like yours to put in my book. IF you are interested in having your story heard along with others please email me at
    Thank you for telling your story

  3. Hi Yvonne
    Well there comes a time that a wronged parent has no option but to speak out, after being fobbed off by the Social Services re non investigation of several complaints, non investigation by the overseer of he Social Services: GSCC, non investigation by the Government Ombudsman, non invstigation by Stourbridge Labour MP Linda Waltho, who informed Childrens Minister Beverly Hughes, who sent me a letter informng me to have my case investigated by the Social Services Stafford, so once again I attempt to do that and a Kate Bullivant decides my case cannot be investigated as its been in the ‘court arena’ so I request an investigation for the decision making process, which can be done, this is ignored and the police turned up at my door trying to tell me that I m supposed to have abused my son! So its a vicious circle, with no remedy, so here I am shouting out for Justice for my son on your great and good site!

    • Sabina,
      We will get your story out as well as the others. No one has the right to steal our children and then sell them for a profit. This is happening here in the states every day. It is time to put a stop to this. They do it under the cover of law. They do it hiding behind judges and the fact that they don’t have to reveal their source or their alledged case. They do it because no one has ever stood up and said enough. They have gotten away with it because people are afraid. There is no reason to be afraid- There is a song which says if you don’t stand for something you will stand for nothing at all. Well it is time to stand for something. That something is the buying and selling of our children under the alledged color of law.
      Contact anyone else you know send them to this site. I will be taking any stories anyone wants to share and putting it in my book. Along with the alledged laws and the names of those who need to be contacted in order to stop the madness.

  4. By the way, after my MP non-investigated my case and her visit to the Childrens Minister she was given a position involving ‘Children and Families’ . There are three Local Authorities involved in my case all of whom have failed my son and acted at best with incompetence, and at worst with downright treachery and corruption. I will list them: Dudley, Lincoln and Stafford. If anyone has grievances with these three dis-graces please blog here as I would interested in comparing notes with regards which officials are involved. I have already discovered that four other parents have issues with Stafford Social Services and even had the same CAFCASS officer who wrote lies about us all. Re Lincoln I know of fourteen others so far who have had their children removed on false grounds. I am also interested in a pattern with regards Solicitors and Judges as the same names keep popping up again and again. They also seem keen on protecting each other, for instance a Judge will make a wrong or unfair order and when the parent goes to the High Court that particular Judge will have a Judge sitting who will back him up.

  5. We are going through this in Texas, the courts keeps saying we don’t need an attorney but i feel we do. We’ve even tryed to get help from legal aid to no prevale. Please tell us where to go for help. Than you

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