The More I dig The Worse It Gets- Children Removed by Child Protective Services Wind up Dead or Worse


It is time to take our children back. They are our future. Once they are gone there is no replacing them. They are not pets. They are abused by the very system who comes and rips them out of their parents homes and lives. That is the worst abuse in the world. I am sick and tired of it.

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Date: Friday, 24-Jun-2005 12:28:08

In Response To: Kidnapping for Profit by Child Protective Services (kbcjedi) To date, the city of Wenatchee, in the state of Washington, and Chelan and Douglas counties have either agreed to or been ordered to pay plaintiffs at least $10 million. This year, at least $1.21 million has been paid to settle lawsuits. Though settlements have been reached, about two dozen people are still seeking damages from the government agencies, public defenders and other entities and individuals. Attorneys expect more suits as children who were interrogated and removed from their parents during the probe file their own claims. At least 14 children have already sued.

Utah currently has about 7,000 children living in faster care.

Five DCFS agencies placed six children in a foster home run by 64 year old Mary Bryant. When police searched the house, they came to a bed with something under the cover. Officer Oscar Arteaga found under the cover a three year old little boy with a 10 foot chain wrapped three times around his neck padlocked in place. The foster mother, said he was chained up for stealing food. Mr. Bond was charged with misdemeanor child endangerment while Mary Bryant was charged with felony child endangerment and weapons and drugs charges. Five other kids in the house, ranging from three to eleven, were taken into the custody. The sixth child was left in the home. Cook County Public Guardian Patrick Murphy rebuked DCFS for placing so many children in the home.

Lena Cumberbatch, 36, of Jacksonville, Florida pushed a baby’s head under water while at least two other children watched her murder the baby. The baby died from drowning and blunt head trauma. Cumberbatch had 8 children in her home, four of whom were foster children and four her own ranging in ages from 2 months to 10 years old.

Rilya Wilson, a Florida foster child was missing for more than a year before anyone noticed in April 2002. She is now presumed dead. Rilya Wilson’s caseworker filed false reports of monthly visits, and no supervisor reviewed the case.

The Florida legislature passed a law making the falsification of documents concerning children under state care punishable by up to five years in prison. Death or serious injury to a child resulting from such records fraud is now a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. In Utah the Judge looks the other way when changes are made to make dates and other information fit the story better.

Odelia Baca’s two children Miguel, two years and Oswaldo 14 months were placed into foster care. They ended up with Ricky and Evon Haney. Miguel was taken to the hospital on February 1st, 1999 by his foster parents who claimed that he had fallen off the toilet during a potty training session. He died the next day from severe head injuries suffered from a beating. Miguel was in the Haney home several months, while his mother Odelia was allowed visitations. She asked about several bruises on Miguel. Once was told that the marks were from a permanent marker that Miguel been played with. Odelia’s complaints to Social Services fell on deaf ears; they never bothered to check them out and both kids were left in the abusive foster home. How could Social Services place her children with a couple who both had arrest records? After Miguel’s death it was found that both of the Haneys had arrest records and both of their drivers licenses had been suspended.

When biological parents report suspected incidents of child abuse in foster care there is no investigation. I know of one case. in Utah, where the biological mother was told that if she reported any more child abuse by the foster parents they would put the biological mother in jail to shut her up.

A Will County judge awarded custody of 11-year-old Nicolas Zavala to Margaret Williams in February 2002, based on a glowing report about the woman, written by a Benton County, Ind., child-welfare worker. He didn’t know that the home study hadn’t been done by Indiana’s Department of Family and Social Services. It was done by an attorney for Margaret Williams. The study said nothing about her being convicted of two child abuse-related misdemeanors in 2000. These findings are part of a report from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services’ inspector general into Nicolas’ case. The boy disappeared in August 2002 in Oxford, Ind., and was found dead in April.

Troy Anderson of the LA Daily News reports that in 2001 in the United States, 1.5 percent of the 1,225 children who died from abuse and neglect were in foster care. County and state systems are so overwhelmed with false allegations of abuse by parents that four out of every five reports of mistreatment are ruled unfounded or inconclusive. And experts say the system is filled with so many children who shouldn’t even be in the system, that social workers are failing in their basic mission to protect kids. Nationally, two out of three reports of mistreatment are false.

Across America, thousands of foster children are missing. More than 5,000 are runaways; some have been abducted. And some simply disappear; the state agencies responsible for their care can’t find them.

Tennessee 496
Texas 142
Michigan 198
Illinois 362
Florida 650
Los Angeles County 740

These figures count only those missing children not suspected of running away. Any missing foster child between the ages of 14 and 17 is deemed to have run away and is not included in the figures. All children who turn 18 while still listed as missing are simply removed from the list.

There is no national register of missing foster care children. And there is no standard for reporting missing children. Reports surface of foster parents continuing to receive payments for children who are missing of case workers falsifying visits and not even filing reports of death, injury or molestation.

Jim Barrus
Constitutional Concepts Foundation

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  1. My children were taken away from me because they feared my husband. since all hell broke loose, my son was shot, was in a deadly car accident. And if dcf haven’t gotten involve my children wound be with me now. DCF 904-828-9883

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