Child Protective Services – An Abuse of Power – It is time to Stop It

What shall we say ?

What shall we say when history asks how such crimes came to be committed in the name ” In The ‘BEST INTEREST’ of OUR Children” Will we say that we stood silently by, shrugging our shoulders, filling our bellies, closing our eyes? Or will we be able to say: We saw. We dissented. We resisted. We condemned. For all those who want to open their eyes to the horrors of the illegal kidnapping OUR children , and to the brutality, social injustice and moral corruption of the Child Protective Services . Go, see, open your eyes, and let them know — these torturers, these bloodstained betrayers of our common humanity – let them know that you know what they are, what they have done.

Text of DeLay’s farewell address -June 8, 2006

“… these children throw their despair and distrust into a black plastic trash bag, along with their few belongings, and head off to the next place… the next let-down. They are abused and neglected long before they ever reach our abusive and neglectful foster care system – and once in, things often only get worse. Children are dying, Mr. Speaker, inside and out… and it’s our fault.” Read more….
Congressman Tom DeLay

Child advocate in Chicago said: “-an infant in a paper bag on the freeway at rush hour is safer than a child in protective custody there.”

Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the United States. These numbers come from The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) in Washington.

Perpetrators of Maltreatment

Physical Abuse: CPS= 160 – Parents = 59
Sexual Abuse : CPS = 112 – Parents = 13
Neglect: CPS = 410 – Parents = 241
Medical Neglect: CPS = 14 – Parents = 12
Fatalities: CPS = 6,4 – Parents = 1,5
Did you know that…..?!

More than 75% of care leavers have no academic qualifications of any kind !!!! Read more…..

“This is a matter of conscience,” – “How can I know what’s happening to children and families out there and still let it continue to happen?”
Adoption Bonuses: The Money Behind the Madness
For every child that can get adopted, there is a bonus of $4,000 to $6,000.
DSS and affiliates rewarded for breaking up families! Must read

Information provided by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, in Fiscal 2003, 30 foster children died in our state’s care; in Fiscal 2004, 38 foster children died; and in Fiscal 2005, 48 foster children died.
“Data shows that while the number of foster children in our state’s care increased 24 percent from 26,133 in Fiscal 2003 to 32,474 in Fiscal 2005, the number of deaths increased 60 percent. Read more….

Please Give Innocent Children a Voice !
Last year over two million American families were falsely accused !!!
It is not in any one individual state but is now a worldwide epidemic.

Since the Adoption & Safe Families Act, with states in competition for the Federal Funds offered for promoting adoptions, Walter Mondale expressed concerns that states could create a business in dealing with children.

In the name of “child protection” children have been beaten. In the name of “children’s rights” children have been raped. And in the name of “erring on the side of the child,” children have been murdered. These are the stories of some of those children: In memory of Children protected to DEATH by CPS.

In The Name of Those Children
We are asking For:
-Victims of Child Welfare Memorial Day-
to remember those who have died as a result of Child Welfare in their lives. –
Take Action Send Citizen Request To: The White House

“When will justice come? When those who are not injured become as indignant as those who are.” -Leon Tolstoy


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  1. I’m linking to this one too. Thanks for doing this. We need to raise awareness any way that we can!

  2. We are good parents but we live in a country that has violated the law of the land in no abuse was seen no abuse was dune and no abuse from us ever will yet they have accused us both of neglect how? How can you be accused of neglect when there is no abuse well cps said we both need to see doctors we both need to see them for a medical physiological evaluation all because we objected to a false claim from a hospital a hospital that did a forced c section on my wife so that they could receive more money from DSHS The cash machine for the poor who in return take’s babies to keep there service going selling babies for 25.000 dollars yes it’s a sick system one that Hitler PS worker who brought a Sheriff with her all to see yes our child is safe yes we care for him and now not only was our civil rights violated we have to go see them tomorrow for false lying sick people who all want our baby!
    *Lawrance down with, ‘DSHS They are evil if Seattle falls don’t say i didn’t warn you!

  3. It is truly a nice and useful piece of information.
    I am glad that you just shared this helpful info with us.

    Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. PLEASE HELP ME REOPEN MY CASE??? PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY SON<MY SON HAS BEEN NEGLECTED SINCE HE WAS TAKEN FROM ME AT THE COURTHOUSE WHILE I WAS GETTING A NOCONTACT ORDER AGAINST HIS DAD WHO WAS VIOLENT AND STILL IN name is lisa and i got your page off a womans page…this woman happens to be someone i once knew..I need 3 HUGE prayers…nov 3, 2009 i left my sons dad who was abusive toward me..My children Jimmy is 5 now, my daughter Jalynn is now 7..Her dad's name is Jason who i was very close to but unfortunatly he passed away when she was a yr old…at the courthouse the day of nov 3, 2009 i was filling out 3 nocontact orders and 2 security men took my children and told me i'd have a court hearing in the morning..Mike(sons dad) kept calling threatening he'd kill the 3 of us and he knew where we were..(he is still in prison for this act of stalking), so i begged security to let me go and be with my children till court. i assumed this was over mike's threats, next morning at court they placed my son in foster care and my daughter with her deceased dads cousin in orlando..I never got my children home..I have all my paperwork and all the false accusations proven to be lies..i've been working on this since they terminated my rights 1 month shy of a yr..On that paper it says, "the court based its descision on the children have been in placement for almost a yr so tpr..everyone at the trial inckuding nor police officer testified on my behalf including gardian adltem, police, 3 dr.'s and only 1 theoropist..the court didnt subpened many people..I found out ow why, my caseworker jill bopp didnt work for eckords and she and i only met 1 time before trial, she testified against me, i also found out she owns an adoption 1st caseworker sheila cornett quit after 2 months and i had no caseworker the remaining 10 months..i descided to take every class i could think of because i never was handed a caseplan until trial began…i paid out of pocket, parenting, codependant,angermanagement(i had spoke in court trying to correct the lie that i never had health insurance and i always carried it with me so i wanted to show the judge proof of health insurance and shot records,he postponed that court hearing and the truth is i got extremly angry because i just did not understand why this was happening and my 2 children seperated since that tragic day..i had 2 hair samples because my color was called maybe 2 times during 10 months..i took a cna course so i could get a descent job since i had been a stay at home mom..i took domestic violence group, in my paperwork it stated substance abuse is not an issue but mental health needs to be adressed so i went to counceling..It does say i was reluctent to talk about my childhood but i was adopted at age 5 months by a wealthy couple in ny and i was raised in an upperclass neighborhood but there was no bond there..I told the dr.'s that there really isnt much to say about my childhood because i grew up in the same shcool district and had many friends but no bond with my parents so i spent most holidays with friends i call family..The court held this against me…I have no control i was placed for adoption and im still very confused why my children have been apart from one another and my rights were terminated over a domestic relationship i left, i have not dated since the day my chilren were taken from me..They refused me a bonding assesment with both children, but reading through the paperwork it states how strong of a bond there is between my children and i that my son had a difficult appetite and my daughter had gained alot of wait..both my children were over heard by transporters, suporvisers ect…begging to go home with me…this was brought up in trial but judge william webb said there too young to know what they want..i have kept track of my children and i hope this is confidential, my son is still in foster care in fl and he is handicapped now from radioactive pdsd..he also suffers panoc anxioty disorder and doesnt socialize well with other children..I didnt find out if he's in a special school yet, when i began checking a few people who were on my case in 09 said i'm strange and weird for living for my children when i have no rights and there reporting me tomarrow…I have a difficult time understanding why my children were taken and a harder time understanding why my daughter was transferred to AZ 2 months after that tragic day and adoption began by parental grandmother before dna testing was done, and why my son is still in foster care when i would do anything to habe him home, im willing to change my name and info to keep him safe for when mike gets out(he signed his rights a long time ago from jail{ I'm truly sorry for this long message but i'm really at my last hope here and im praying someone will take the time to really look into this tradgity and get involved..I would never choose anything or anyone before my children..I never have, i have made a few bad choices but noone is perfect and if i never went to courthouse that day to protect my children from harm, this situation would never had occured although, a worse situation would have occured..My children deserve to be raised in a quiet family oriented upbringing with no violent act and always opened communication with morals and values , and structure..I was raised this way although without the bond..I have always been the over nurtering type of parent, i will not deny this, the courts held that against me..(example), 2nd visit with ny son at eckords, dec 2009, i brought a big blanket for the cold tile floor and i noticed my son's eyes looked swallon, i put my lips on his forehead and he felt warm, low-gtade fever, he was pulling on his rt ear, i mentioned to supervisor my son needed a dr appt, he has a low-grade fever and i think an ear infection, she said to me, "how would u know??" i was upset with this woman, my son shouldnt suffer the pain of an ear infection and the uncomfort from a fever, 6 months later i got a call about my son needing tubes in his ears due to an ongoing ear infection..I apologize for going into so much detail, i do have generalized anxioty disorder and this is how at times it affects me so i do apologize..I do worry often about my son being ignored and feeling alone, not understanding why he was once around so much attention and affection, and my daughter was told i passed away in 2010…She couldnt except she was not coming home…A mutual friend in az where i moved from to come to florida found alot out..My daughter was told i passed away before our last visit so she knows the truth..A judge filled in for william webb and gave my daughter,son and i a last visit after tpr..I dont think you will want to involve yourself with my situation but i myself find it impossable to move on with my life without my 2 wonderful children…a theropist told me to get a dog, i did, i was told to date again, im not interested in meeting any man at this time, i can only hope my case gets reopened somehow because anything is possable…Even when tpr is permanent descion, my heart still tells me not to ever give up fighting for the safe return of my 2 children…I didnt leave out any details at sorry for this long message and i greatly appreciate u taking out your time reading it, thank you very much..I hope to hear back from u soon..

    • We know your pain we are right along beside you

  5. receipts

    Child Protective Services – An Abuse of Power – It is time to Stop It | They Will Be Heard


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