The State Of Michigan Has A Dirty Little Secret. It is called Child Protection Services


Many citizens in our great State of Michigan are unaware of Michigan’s dirty little secret that falls under the guise of the Child Abuse and Child Welfare Protection Laws. The advertisements and literature surrounding this area seem to be doing a magnificent thing for the children of our state. We have been led to believe that the State of Michigan is saving thousands of children from severe physical abuse and neglect. This is far from the truth. The truth is that this campaign is a giant money machine fueled by abuse of power of supervisors and case service workers employed by the Michigan Department of Family Independence Agency and private agencies that have contracted with FIA that we the taxpayers are paying dearly for through our hard-earned tax dollars. Basically, it is “make work by creating a case and keep your job or contract with the state government.”
The current campaign to save the children is doing just the opposite. Parents and children are being permanently separated and families are being permanently destroyed under this new plan because of abuse of power in the name of more state and federal funding. I have been working extensively in this area of law for approximately two (2) years. Not all of the cases that I am working on involve children suffering from broken bones, bruises or starvation. In fact most of the cases that I am involved in regard to parents that merely spanked their children by giving the children one or two swats on the clothed behind. In addition, parents who have physically defended themselves from a physically violent teenager, parents who argued in front of their children, recently divorced single parents, parents with low incomes, parents who have failed to take their child to a doctor for mere cold symptoms such as sniffles and mild congestion. Alternatively, parents who owned pornographic materials stored in a safe place where the children broke into and viewed the materials. According to FIA, the present state of law is that: 1) Parents cannot spank their child. Spanking, even with clothes covering the bottom, is severe physical abuse. Parents are only to use time out, reasoning and loss of privileges. 2) Parents cannot engage in physical self-defense to protect themselves from a physically hostile teenager. An act of self-defense by a parent is severe physical and emotional abuse. Parents are to use reasoning, time out and loss of privileges only and must sacrifice their physical safety for their violent teenager’s safety. 3) Parents cannot argue or talk about adult subjects, such as family finances, in front of their children. These are subjects that the child has no control over and creates extreme emotional distress in the child. FIA has classified this area as emotional or environmental abuse and/or neglect of the child. 4) Parents with low income are neglecting their children’s basic needs. Low-income parents cannot provide for the proper medical, physical or emotional needs of their children due to their limited income. The parents’ failure to obtain middle-income jobs means environmental, medical and emotional neglect. 5) Parents that fail to take their child to the family physician for colds, flu, sniffles and mild congestion, or parents who fail to obtain a family pediatrician are neglecting the medical needs of their children. FIA has classified this as medical neglect. 6) Parents who own pornographic materials, such as magazines, books, video tapes, and conceal such materials from their children have created environmental and emotional neglect of their children. Parents who own and hide such material run the risk that children will find these materials and view them causing emotional harm to their children. FIA has classified this as environmental neglect. 7) Divorced, single parent families seem to be targeted by FIA as high-risk environments for emotional and environmental neglect.
Most single parent families are low income and of course, according to FIA, cannot provide for the basic needs of the children as measured against middle-income standards. Single parents work outside of the home, leaving their children unattended or with “inappropriate care takers” (neighbors, older siblings, grandparents, relatives) causing environmental and emotional neglect of the child. Single working parents are unable to clean their homes “appropriately” and leave their homes cluttered, disorganized, and untidy (i.e. beds unmade, dirty clothes on floors or hampers, dirty dishes in the sink from breakfast, unswept floors and carpets, etc.) which the family must return to in the afternoon or evening that is classified as environmental neglect. Single parents tend more to their needs (i.e. working outside of the home) that to the needs of their children, which is, classified as emotional and environmental neglect. Ironically, FIA complies a list of single parent households from the Friend of the Court, sends prevention workers to the homes of such families and initially offers the families free, voluntary services through their prevention program. Such services include free parenting classes, free nutrition programs, free household budgeting programs, free employment training programs, and WIC. The social workers in these programs compile information on the family and home for FIA.
When you allow these workers to enter your lives and your home, you are allowing FIA to build a PS (Protective Services) record against you for child neglect, which leads to further child protective proceedings in the Probate/Family Court, which will ultimately result in the removal of your children and the children being placed in foster care. These workers are not hired to help you; they are hired to make a case of child neglect against you. Why are families being targeted by FIA? Most people have the misconception that concerned citizens report child neglect and abuse. This is untrue! A small percentage of my cases involve reports of neglect and abuse from neighbors, family members, friends and school officials. In fact, the majority of my cases involved the family receiving some form of voluntary services from FIA, such as the free programs listed above. In the majority of cases, school officials, such as teachers and counselors, never suspected child abuse or neglect in the families that were prosecuted. Moreover, in most cases the family physicians never suspected child abuse or neglect in the families prosecuted. Families are targeted because FIA must justify its need for State and Federal grants to keep its workers employed. Currently, FIA receives, in Federal grants, $2,000 to $4,000 per month per child in foster care and $10,000 per child adopted out into permanent homes after the parent’s rights have been terminated due to neglect and abuse. The State of Michigan provides matching funds to FIA. Bill Clinton recently signed new legislation providing for an additional $2,000 to $4,000 per month per child in foster care and $10,000 for adoption. FIA is making money hand over fist through our tax dollars. FIA social workers receive bonuses for removing children from their homes and for adoption. The incentive for abuse of power is extremely high and has occurred at alarming rates.
During 1996, Clare County removed 50% of the children in the county for neglect and abuse in the home. It is very hard to comprehend that 50% of the parents in Clare County are neglecting and abusing their children. Clare County is a “demonstration county” that is a pilot county for The Binsfield Laws supported by Federal Grants. These programs involve privatizing the foster care system. The foster care program hires private industry to service the foster care needs of the county children removed from the home. Currently, Eagle Village in Hersey, Michigan holds the foster care contract for Clare County FIA. How does the system work? FIA initially offers families free, voluntary services through prevention services to the families on the FOC (Friend of the Court files, AFDC files, Employment Security Commission files, Social Security files, etc.) such as free parenting classes, free nutrition programs, free homemaker services, free budgeting classes, free employment training programs, etc. The prevention worker works closely with the family to coordinate these free services by meeting with the family in their home on a regular basis, once or twice per week. While working with the family, the worker identifies problems areas that put the children at risk for abuse and neglect to qualify the family for these free services, such as poor parenting skills, homemaker skills, budgeting skills, and employment seeking skills.
The other side of this arrangement is that the worker is building a case of neglect and abuse against the parents. Most problems identified are lack of bonding with the children and nurturing due to the parents participation in these free programs. The parents are putting their needs before the children’s needs by focusing on their problems as identified in their participation in these programs. Furthermore, workers in these programs work in tandem with FIA to identify other risk factors such as poor parenting skills, why else would a parent take a free parenting class if they themselves have admitted to having poor parenting skills. Voluntarily entering into these programs is an actual admission to poor parenting, nutrition, homemaker, budgeting, or employment seeking skills that put the child at risk for neglect and abuse that lay the foundation for child protective proceedings in the Probate/Family Court.
The Courts believe that the FIA workers are the professionals and take their word as gold. The parents cannot defend against FIA. The testimony and statements mean nothing in the Probate/Family Court. In fact, the Court can issue an emergency pick up order for the children based on only FIA’s statements in an ex-parte hearing conduct by the judge and the FIA worker. The parents are not present during these hearings. The Court will issue an ex-parte emergency order allowing the FIA work to enter the home or child’s school to remove the child from the parent’s custody. The parents do get a hearing approximately two weeks later after the removal of the child but FIA is only required to prove that probable cause exists that the children are at risk of neglect and abuse if they remain in the home. Approximately 90 days later the parents may have a trial to determine whether by a preponderance of the evidence that the children are at risk to abuse or neglect if they are returned to the home. Most parents plea to abuse or neglect upon FIA’s promise that if the parents plea and engage in services they will get their children back sooner. Most parents’ plea to charges that they have a temper, they have beaten their children by merely spanking them, they have failed to provide the child with medical attention when they had cold symptoms, or they are unable to provide for the basic needs of the child because they are temporarily unemployed. The Court then takes jurisdiction over the children, places them in foster care and orders the parents to follow the Parent/Agency Agreement to be drafted by FIA. FIA then engages in a lengthy and vague process of ordering the parents to engage in specific services, such as individual counseling, parenting classes again, anger management classes and counseling, psychological evaluations, drug and alcohol testing, classes and counseling, etc.
Once parents complete these services, FIA informs the parents, usually during a court proceeding that they have not dealt with the proper issues in these programs that initially led to the removal of the children or the parents have not satisfactorily completed the programs. Because they will not or are not mentally able to comprehend their actions and the affect of their actions that have harmed their children. It is a no win situation. FIA is in complete control of the interpretation of whether the parents have successfully completed the Parent/Agency Agreement. Furthermore, if the parents elect to participate in FIA’s services with their hired agencies, then the parents never successfully complete the Parent/Agency Agreement. These agencies are FIA’s hired hands that build a case against the parents. If the parents elect to engage in services provided by professionals of their choice or referred by their HMO or other health care providers, then the parents must pay enormous amount of money for these services and for these professionals to come to court on their behalf to testify.
More importantly, the Court views parents hired witnesses as hired hands and discounts any testimony given by these professionals as being adversarial, unbelievable and hired hands of the parents. FIA and some of the Court have gone as far as accusing the parents of failing to comply with the Parent/Agency Agreement by engaging their own professionals for service, which has been deemed grounds for termination of parental rights. It is a no win situation that fails to focus on the best interest of the child. Also, most children are placed with foster parents who intend to adopt the children. The purpose of placement is to find the children a permanent, stable and safe environment, which they can live with dignity and respect. The focus in Michigan is no longer keeping families together by repair or rehabilitating parents to properly care for their children. The focus in Michigan and across the country now is to quickly place children into permanent homes.
This means the pool of foster parents are usually upper middle class with financial security. The children are then introduced to the finer things in life like Reeboks, Nikes, Starter Jackets, designer clothes, and other luxuries that the average working class or middle class family cannot afford to provide for their children. The children readily associate with their new parents as being the good parents that can provide for their needs and the biological parents as being abnormal, dysfunctional, poor, and unable to meet their new basic needs. Some children do not want to come home because they cannot live the new life provided by their foster parents to which they have become accustomed to during foster care. This system of protective services and foster care is very disturbing. During this completely process, Department of FIA is raking in the Federal and State grants to support its preventive, protective, and foster care programs. These are our tax dollars at work and are being misappropriated and wasted to create a foster care and adoption industry in our state. I am not arguing that there are never cases of child abuse or neglect in this state. There are real cases of such that must be meeting with the proper social nets.
But our current system is froth with abuse of power and waste of precious tax dollars that has created false child abuse and neglect cases for the purpose of creating employment for social workers and private industries providing foster care services, and counseling agencies. Also, provide individual therapy and psychological evaluations, and community education programs that provide anger management and parenting classes. All of these agencies are funded by our tax dollars, which are being wasted on parents who are only less than perfect and children who are not abused or neglected in the legal sense. Furthermore, all parents are court ordered to pay child support to the foster parents through the Friend of Court for the care of their children while in foster care. Parents pay on an average of $25.00 to $30.00 per week per child if FIA is providing the foster care family through it county agency. Parents pay approximately $150.00 to $2,000 per month if a private agency is hired by FIA to provide foster care services. Nobody is sure where this money goes once it is paid to the Friend of the Court.
The system of FIA needs to be restructured to make it workers accountable for their actions. Presently, FIA workers have complete immunity from civil actions in the State of Michigan unless a parent can prove that a worker was grossly negligent in the performance of his or her duties. Unfortunately, this is impossible to prove. If a parent pleas or the Probate Court finds that it has jurisdiction over the child for neglect and abuse, FIA continues to have jurisdiction over the child and ultimately terminates the parent’s rights, this will bar any suit against the FIA worker under the immunity doctrine. Once your child is in the system, FIA and its social workers are not accountable for the worker’s actions. The word is gold and the court’s accept the workers word as gold. The only recourse a parent has is to appeal the Probate/Family Court’s decision, which is very expensive. Most of my parents send approximately $10,000 to $20,000 in defending against FIA in child protection cases, even when they plea. Most of my parents end up losing their homes, vehicles, jobs because of court appearances and engagement of professional services, and savings. Most of my parents are forced into bankruptcy.

My heart goes out to any child despite color or ethnicity, because I believe that they need to be with their parents after the parents have received help. These CPS workers are extreme profiteer, profiting off our beloved American children. The American dream is not one where evil and sinister people are controlling, the American dream rest in the heart of every child and everyone that treasure the niceties of democracy. I believe in fairness and justice, and I hope everyone that have relatives in this tortuous system or have lost children to these inauspicious CPS workers, I ask that you run to your representatives and governing officials and tell them you do not want your tax dollars used for an organization like Child Protective Services to use unfair practices to take children away.
Nevertheless, if children are placed in an agency like St. Francis Family Center that makes most of its profit from adoption, one must consider why they would implement the truth of family reunification when they can adopt children out and make more money. They do not care about the “best interest of the child”, only the “best interest” that will line their pockets with more government aid and bonuses. Yes, I believe that children should never be in harm’s way, and anyone that harms children in any kind of way, need to have their head examine, and anyone believe that a foster home is more appropriate for children instead of their biological home after counseling services deem them appropriate, should be federally investigated.

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  1. I started reading this and was very surprised to find the further I read into it I was reading an outline of my life almost exactly the way it happened…by the end I had to check ut again because this is exactly what has happened in my life at the hands of cps….

    • I know only too well all about this. As 22yrs.ago the state did the same to me. They say history repeats itself and that is the truth. I can’t tell you how much has been lost, hurt, missed you name it because of The State Of Mich. It all boils down to, if you lose someone to death you know how to live the rest of your life or you learn to without them. When children are ripped out of loving families never to be heard from again knowing in your heart of hearts you did nothing wrong.? It changes you for the rest of your life. Not to mention the horrible scars that were placed in the children’s heads complimentary of the State of Mich. Hope someone puts an end to this “job security” before any more innocent children are harmed as mine were. 22years and “no” it’s not all roses as it should be had the State told the “truth”

      • A crock of shit is what this is. I tried adopting a little boy who was put in the Courts Custody at 6 years old because his Father passed away and his Mother was not a good example for him by ANY means. This was in California and they (with the help of some Wonderful, Caring Therapists and counselors of the boy) approved the move after a while and when it came to being approved by Michigans (Missaukee County) I was denied because the small apartment I was living in only had One bedroom and a Hide a Bed in the living room. And the people that lived Upstairs in their Own Home had a son (at the time about 14 years old) who had gotten in some trouble. I have known the little boy (now 19 and Homeless in
        California) since he was 2 months old and The Love I have always had for that little boy was not good enough according to FIA in Missaukee County, Michigan. I could go on but what can a person do. This boy is STILL HOMELESS IN CALIFORNIA BECAUSE BEING IN THE COURTS CUSTODY WAS BETTER FOR HIM. There IS NO OTHER WAY TO SEE THINGS. That is EXACTLY what happened.

    • I’m not from Michigan I’m from Kentucky but I going to look into this because this is exactly what’s happening to me to … It is sad that cps has turned into this the kids that really are bring abused and hurt they don’t bother them they leave them to fend for there self’s but children that are took care of and loved they represent be from the homes for no reason.. I don’t agree with this something has got to be done …..

    • As with me it brought tears to my eyes

    • It sounds down my ally to

    • I felt the same way. Verbatim.

  2. The state of Michigan took my daughters two sons away from here and when she had her daughter they came to the hospital and took her also. I was told that in order for me to get her I had to get a foster parents license. That is my granddaughter and I do not feel that I should have to do that. I am her blood relative and have never had an abuse or neglect case against me so why couldn’t she come home with me?

    • File for legal gaurdianship ASAP!!!!! You can also request to foster your grandchildren…”Kinship Care”. The state prefers ALL foster care fivers be “licensed”, but as a relative…you should be given a waiver and it must be approved before you can deny the request to become licensed. This waiver is your legal right!! Demand it immediately. The DHS foster care worker will hound you and hound you and may even intimidate you into becoming licensed…that process can take a VERY long time…but in the meanwhile…those grandchildren should be able to stay with you as foster kids OR you arwe granted gaurdianship. From research, I have found that once children are “wards of the state”, a gaurdianship is not possible…so fight for those kids.
      ONE IMPORTANT THING TO CONSIDER: How ARE the kids doing in their foster home? Are they adjusted? Are they together? Are you allowed to see them?
      Its VITAL that you cooperate with the social worker in their case. If you are certain you can give them all the support the children require (not just financial), your home has the room/space required, you pass the criminal history check, and you are willing to jump through the hoops and abide by DHS rules…you should have NO problem. Its just so important to remember…THE KIDS emotuional stability. If they are adjusting and are in a safe and loving environment and you are allowed to see them…perhaps you should just continue being that loving grand parent and turn your whole life upside down by raising children all over again.
      I hope this helps you in your decisions.

      • They took my two grandchildren also and we had to get a foster care license through the State of Michigan to keep them from going into a foster care home where they didn’t know the people. This was very scary for us, the children and their parents. And very expensive for us. This system is very messed up! I could give you all the details but it would take several pages. Something is wrong with this system and it seems to be trying to make a point of some kind. Not sure how but this just isn’t right.

      • They don’t get paid for relative placement that’s why they want them licensed they are telling the 3 relatives they’ve split my kids between they have to be licensed

    • Same thing happened with my grandma and brothers, state of Michigan does not have any laws set forth for grandparents rights. Unfortunately becoming a foster parent is the only option, I myself do not believe it is fair or right. She spent thousands of dollars and time to become a foster parent, and still keeps her license up to date because shortly after she received the license they returned them to my unstable mother.

      • Kinship is a tax,in my opinion. A grandparent verified as a legal relative of the child should be able to raise the child until the parent(s) are able or capable. Many states are already paid for the service of verification of relatives already ,and the further effort to double payment to the division by applying for foster care or kinship is stupid in situations. Should a grandparent need pub asst. while raising a grand child I can see no problem anyone can apply. Relatives did not in our history have to pass a litmus test to raise children,they had already had experience.

    • Not sure about Michigan laws, but in Ohio we have the right to file a “Motion to Intervene”. I actually wrote up my own motion ( you can find this info on your State’s revised code website, and research the laws there) or ask a lawyer to help. We ended up getting temporary custody of a great-nephew until the situation with the parents got handled.
      The courts are supposed to keep the children’s best interest in mind, not CPS, not foster parents or even parents. If you can show you have an invested relationship with the kids, have a stable environment, and means to provide for the children’s needs, then there is no reason they should be kept from their family.
      It’s a hard fight, and prepare yourself to have to keep the children away from your daughter until all issues have been cleared through the courts. It will be a heart wrenching, but necessary, choice to make in order to secure the children into your care.
      I hope the best for the kids, hope this little advice can help you.

    • The state is supposed to contact all the relatives when the case opens and they are at a high risk ( category 1&2) so that they have a placement plan before it gets to where they go to court to take the kids. You might be able to use that in your battle against them. What County do you live in?

  3. I lived this nightmare…with 2 of my sons…and then when I had my 3rd son Clare COunty CPS worker told me that she was going to go to court and tell them that she feels my 2 boys should be returned back home…3 days later we went to court in Jackson County and guess what that B**** sat on the stand and said that if my 2 sons returned home my 3 month old son would be neglected…they terminated my rights and killed a big chunk of my heart and faith in humanity…Then they taught my son to play the system…you go into foster care you get new clothes and toys…so my son did about 6 stints in foster care and the whole time…I had done nothing wrong….when my daughter turned 16 she got into drugs and alcohol and cps again came to my home and said “You know your daughter is doing drugs?” I could only respond with yes thats why she is on probation. The lady told me i needed to meet the needs of my daughter and I flew off the handle while having a panic attack..all of a sudden they are writing in a report that I know my daughter does drugs and I have no problem with it and they said at the time I looked like I was under the influence also (Hello Panic attack and crying because I have someone telling me something that I was already fighting with for over a year). Because of my daughters actions and the falsifying of the reports I lost my grandson to CPS because his mom was called on with her youngest son while I had the other one in my custody. I can’t wait to take these retards to court and sue them for new laws….

  4. the FIA was made for helping kids who in fact are getting hit and sexed and for the kids that say they are being hit and they are not being hit at all, My son is one of them and no hope on any help….Fia can kiss our butts AND GOOD THEY GET ALL THE PROS……the kids dont see any of it. well now they knew they had it good at (home)…they only make the kid happy for a few and then take every thing away. i love my son but now that I seen this i lost all hope. you go Standish schools and standish FIA ….. you all are bull from the butts that made it so easy to take the kids when its not going on…. thank you and god will deal with you ppl. our kids will be 18 and three mo..some time for us to see them.

    • Sally, please email me at……..we are working on taking Arenac CPS and the courts to task Federally because their actions are criminal. The US Attorney General wants more proof.

      • I would be more than willing to get in on this with you please there are the ones who took mine as well

      • I had my babies ripped from me in Ogemaw county n the foster mother n glen Addis head of cps there they r so close that he use to baby sit her n change her diapers as a baby. N I was wondering if maybe u would know someone that might be able to help me out in my situation. My life dream was to be a father n it been crushed. U can reach me at hope for good news.

      • Bobbie, contact me via email as soon as you can! Sorry I didn’t see this sooner!

      • My name is Shirley they took my kid’s as well please keep me posted on this I want to see them pay for what they have done to me and my kids as well as other’s my email is thank you

      • There’s a controversial case now involving Leiani, go to Facebook page Save Leiani
        Claiming her mom medically neglects her. Railroading this innocent family, I hope you get them into court and change this.
        I’ve posted this article to two Michigan state reps Facebook page.
        I am so disgusted. They are doing this to make money and have job security! Families need to stay together!

      • Have u already taken them to court federally? I am not in ur county i am in clare co but i would be more then happy to help u put in any way it could in turn help me. I too am a victim of clare co cps….and im starting to see every step mentioned above happen to us

      • I wish I would have seen this article when it first came out.I could have given you another county to be investigated

  5. This hits home so much. My sisters and I were put in foster care for a year when I was 8! They accused my parents of burning my sister. They used bribery and tactics to convince my 4 year old sister to admit to it. Four years old!!!! While we were in foster care our father died. So not only did the FIA, cause a great amount of tormoil for our family and distrust, they stole a year of our dad from us. A whole year, his last year. The last time I saw my dad, he was driving away from one of the visits in foster care!! I’m 21 now, but this still brings those emotions back.

  6. I am a grand father of two grand children who were abused by this system when my third teenage grand daughter falsely accused my son of sexually molesting her. She also claimed that her mother was aware of what was going on. No evidence that she was sexually touched just her word. The Judge involved using his conflict of interest pre judged my son in open court and called him a predatory pedophile with out any evidence presented. This Judge then had this statement not included in the official court transcript. The Prosecuting Attorney was using Prosecutor misconduct, and Brady Violations through out this entire case. My eleven year old grand son was sent to the Michigan State Eagle village jail to brain wash him into saying that my son had also molested him. Because he would not tell this lie, he was left in that facility for ten months. This bill was sent to his mother for $ 25,000.00 Dollars. Then this witness was sent out of State to prevent him from testifying for his father my son.My oldest grand daughter who lives and is a resident of Washington State was Illegally added to the petition by the Judge. My youngest grand daughter was coached into also saying that she was molested by my son when he applied medication on her for a rash. All of this was done to add credibility to the charges by my teenage grand daughter. Michigan State Attorney General Bill Schuette, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, and the Michigan State Ombudsman knew all about this because I told them what was going on. This entire system needs a check and balance type of system. These State workers need to be given polygraph tests is cases when no evidence or questionable evidence is being used. Then hold these State Employees accountable for their lies.

    • To force children to testify or by placing those children in a institution, is improper and makes the prosecutor look impudent

  7. I have had a 16 Y/O living with my family sense Dec 2014. He will be 17 Jul 23. He moved in with us because of the abuse he incurred when he was adopted by his grandparents because his dad is is in prison and his mom went to jail and has OD several times on pills. He watched her be die and be brought back to life once. When he moved in with me his pants barley covered his penis. I had to buy him all new clothes CPS has been called on them several time for DHS fraud even the police have turned them in and nothing happens. The use his money at the Casino. They go 3-4 nights a week. About 3weeks ago they won $10,000. But still won’t help this teen It angers me that as a disabled Vet I can’t make extra money but yet these people are abusing the system if you called me I could go on and on 989-392-5292

    • My son is also at eagle villageand yet those parents who really love their children the state tortures them

  8. On Dec18,2008 Michigan CPS took my children out of the home. We were told we weren’t properly supervising our children. All four were sexually molested by a family member and they started acting out with each other. The children even admitted to doing while we were sleeping. Well to make a long story short this article fit us to a tea. we were told we would get them back and even tho we did everything we were told and everything we had we lost them anyways. The judge sat there and read a newspaper thru our whole trial. even tho I am not supposed to have contact with them I did some how there was a time my son sat at the kitchen table and told me mom that made me say that you hit us you never hit us mom and at this time came from a boy aged 14 who is ADHD and cognitively impaired. we also lost our appeal and on the appeal it was stated that the oldest girl said she was the one being the mother and getting the kids off to school. It was just recently told to me her exact word were “If I got them up and ready for school they would of missed the bus.” they manipulate what these kids say and make them say things to destroy families. Now slowly my children our coming home and I have to deal with adoptive parents being jerks saying I cannot continue my role as their mother or I hear the horror stories that happened to them at their ” New Homes” My Oldest daughter became a mother at the age of 16 because of lack of supervision. My son is at a group home and feels abandoned and unloved tried to jump off the roof. My baby who is about to turn 15 is in a state hospital because she tried to commit suicide. All four of this children were raised better than this. This state does as it its wants to there really is no Justice here. I pray that each one of these social workers that do this to families when its all uncalled for answers to God’s wrath, and Karma get them where its hurts most

  9. I lost my kids because of Michigan CPS, and I don’t even know where to begin in getting them back… I am not allowed to know anything about MY kids.. and haven’t known where they are for a year and a half now. I’m at a loss and would really appreciate some help..My life has never been the same since all of this happened..

  10. I don’t doubt this for a minute. And once you get them in your life, you can’t get them out for months or years. They won’t listen or look at any proof you have.
    If children were spanked more often maybe we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today.

  11. Im going thru this hell in Vermont.they took my 3 boys 2days after a federal case review I did.they took them because I asked for help with my 6yr old that kept running from school and they r all in a very bad foster home.they r all getting seperated on monday and I have no control on what is going to devastated and heart broken.cps is not there to do anything but destroy families and make money doing so!

  12. If you could please contact me through facebook, I really need to speak with someone. This is exactly what happend to me in the loss of my daughter. I also grew up in the foster care system, in which the home that cps placed my brother and I in was the cause of his death.I am in Michigan and am looking for ways to fight this system in order to get my daughter back. My daughter is 7 years old and wants to come home to me. Please contact me. My name is Brenna Haff. I am the only one who pops up…

    • i would get ou of that state when you get her back. my sister in indiana got her kids taken away. she just got them back. i cant understand y they would allow this in you state!


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  15. This is bull. I was a child of a single parent, I was spanked and I turned out just fine. The rules they have now are ridiculous! Nobody has the right to tell you how to raise your child, unless you are beating them bad enough that you leave marks. As low income I call bull s__t. I raised 5 kids on my low income, and they are just fine.

    • Kids were raised for 1000s of years without CPS and the majority of them turned out fine!!

  16. The state of Michigan took my daughter in a case of neglect 2 years ago and granted my mother guardianship only because they were going to terminate my brights as her ONLY parent because I couldn’t not fully support her without the help of benifits. I fought like crazy for 2 years, 109 drug tests plus hair follicle, counciling, a great job, car, house and court dates after court dates.. I’m still fighting. I now live in Indiana and had a baby almost a year ago. The state of Michigan child protective services is a huge joke and i am so relieved that I am not the only one that has seen this scam of what they like to call protection. My poor daughter has lost her mother and will not know the struggle, fight and tears that I continue to go through just to be told I don’t make enough money to provide for her.. LET’S DO SOMETHING

  17. I have been at the mercy of the Michigan Department of Child Protective Services and my children were removed from me. They were placed with my parents for a short time and then placed with their legal father who is a registered sex offender. I am still fighting and my children are 14 and 16. My daughter is in their fathers “prime age” for molestation and rape. He raped a 14 year old girl when he was 24 and spent only 8 years in prison for it. I have gone to court several times and the judge says I am unfit because I have a part time job (roughly 38 hours per week) and make just over minimum wage. I am in training to be a shift manager and live with my daughters biological father. My daughters biological father has custody of his other 3 children.

    I have since moved out of the state of Michigan and am also working outside the state. I pay almost half of my pay in child support while the man they gave them to doesn’t work. My children’s step sister in the home they currently live in just turned 16 and is 14 weeks pregnant. So…How am I unfit?

  18. The same thing happened to me. How does one small person fight a state? You don’t, all you can do is know you parent to the best of your ability.

  19. I’m dealing with these people now I need help

  20. This article explains alot of what happened to me when my 5 children were taken from me back in 1994… if you want more details, I would be happy to tell you my story. The state of Michigan CPS has been destroying families for years.

  21. I am not surprised by any of what I read, I am attempting to adopt my grandsons who are in foster care now, I pay an attorney to be with me at any meeting I have. I have not seen them since Feb. of this year, the foster families also want to adopt so it is considered a challenged adoption. They say their concerns are me not keeping them away from their parents, which I have no contact with them in any way and that I cannot care for them financially. Which even before all this I am the one who supported them financially while they were with their parents. You could tell in the beginning they seemed to have made up their mind to go with the foster families, yet they are my blood family. They know me and have always been close to me. I don’t understand how family does not come before non family members. I don’t believe their recommendation, which I am still waiting on, is un biased. You can tell they made their mind up that I am not good enough in their eyes to have my grandsons. The state of michigan is a joke, seriously and the agencies they have contracted with for adoptions/ foster care are no better.

  22. I’ve been a victim please email me back I would like help

  23. My daughter is going through the craziest case with CPS I have ever seen
    CPS is dropping the case against her but the CPS worker is placing her on the central registry for neglect. My granddaughter had step throught at end of school last year her physician did two blood tests for mono based on her symtons and the fact that she spent the weekend at her dads house with two cousins with mono one of which was so severe they were hospitalized. The school agreed and stated that since my granddaughter was an above average student that she would still advance to the next grade level. CPS caseworker main things since a third blood test did not confirm mono my daughter was neglectful by listening to her pediatrician. Also father and step wife were cleared even through they have a medical marijuana business in the basement of their home because that is legal in Michigan. I have been searching for an investigative reporter to take on this case to help move forward for some much needed changes in this system. Funding should be based on keeping families together using all resources available. While families that are working hard and fighting harder are being targeted there are children truly be abused. Money has become the focus for these Agencies not the children.

  24. I had replied earlier with my story of my own children and I am currently out raged when it come to my grandchildren. my eldest son’s son has been taken out of the home for abuse and neglect over a dozen times from his ex’s home, she does all that she has to do and then they give them right back to her. She lives with her 5 children in a camper in the back of a junk yard. what infuriates me is this. I had mine taken out of the home for the neglect(lack of supervision) once and did everything that needed to be done I never got mine back. I kn w personally of another lady that was caught drinking and driving and under the influence of drugs she cleaned up got her kids back that was worse than what I did. again I know another couple that was in court the same time we were their child died from ingesting drugs they left on the table they got their other two children back while they were still in rehab. when will the madness end, and how do we go against the government . these rotten people should be put in prison and sued these people are a danger to our children

  25. Boy is this true. Ik first hand I have court tomorrow and my children were safe with me. No injuries, went to the doctor as necessary plenty of food to eat. And tomorrow they are trying to take them

  26. I would love for someone to contact me please. Have a very interesting story to discuss

  27. i agree with most of this but its not only michigan kentucky also does this,as i have a case going on with them even though i live in michigan wich i always have, my wife left with my children and left with them down in kentucky,since then a year ago till present i have been trying to bring them home, with no alligations against me, they still refuse to let me even talk with my children, always some excuse they give,i have had classes up here in michigan,test for drugs and alcohol,home studies,references, what ever they ask of me doctors statements,it just not seems to matter, so i asked what does one do?,my name is robert hopkins i live in ithaca mich and i love my children and want them home,

    • I have gone through the same horrors. My children have been traumatised. Its been a cruel existance. It is 2 years and still going. The state put one in a guardianship and the other in fostercare. They are twins and will be18 in a few months. Ive jumped through all the hoops and still I get resistance from the state. I had hoped once my girls turn 18 we could be united as a family again. The juvenile court judge is planing on keeping them in their custody til their 21. They have promised paid colledge if my girls so wish. The state has lied, manipulated and mismanaged their authority. Every time I see the little box checked off on their paperwork, that reads,… “we have done everything we could do to reunite the family.” I feel outrage. My children have been traumatised by the state and I pray that one day we will all heal from this tragic situation and live as a family again.

    • I’m going through this as well please help

  28. I have gone through the same horrors. My children have been traumatised. Its been a cruel existance. It is 2 years and still going. The state put one in a guardianship and the other in fostercare. They are twins and will be18 in a few months. Ive jumped through all the hoops and still I get resistance from the state. I had hoped once my girls turn 18 we could be united as a family again. The juvenile court judge is planing on keeping them in their custody til their 21. They have promised paid colledge if my girls so wish. The state has lied, manipulated and mismanaged their authority. Every time I see the little box checked off on their paperwork, that reads,… “we have done everything we could do to reunite the family.” I feel outrage. My children have been traumatised by the state and I pray that one day we will all heal from this tragic situation and live as a family again.

  29. Indiana is fraught with issues as well. The entire system needs reform.

  30. I have called cps on my nieces mother because my niece who is 4years old told me her mother was hitting her with toys and other things. They took her from the house just to put her back 2 days later and they said they didnt see any danger. I have gave up hope on the system. Her mother has lost 3 kids to the state for doing drugs while and after pregnancy and they still are not protecting my niece

  31. My 3 kids had 3 years of there life tore from them when my 4th child was born they didnt let me have him and his dad eather bcuz they didnt knos him even tho they had his information …i couldnt spend the night at his house or him at mine eather ….becuz he eventually fought it and my attorny debrah colleti was 100% top master in fighting thoes cases ….but my 4 other kids were taken away for 3 entier years …..they are still traumatized there ages now are 12 .11 10 .9 they are destroyed for ever ….what can i do to get this prosicuted ….the agency is called bethany cristian servises in grand rapids michigan …the workers are sherry pamboss holly heartcourt and and 2 more i dont remember there names but they fkd our life up completly …..

  32. On 9/17/15 my parental rights were terminated to my 4 children aged 4-9. They have been in foster care since October of 2013. Reading this I felt like I was reliving the last 2 years of my life. I did every single thing that was in my parent agency treatment plan and was promised by 2 different foster care workers that my children would be returned home to me, but then a limited licensed psychologist was brought in and having only seen 3 of my 4 children approximately 8 times she testified in court that I couldn’t parent my children because they are all emotionally and mentally needy. Mind you, 2 of my daughters since being placed in foster care have been put on psychotropic medications because their foster parents can’t handle their behaviors. Between all 4 of my children, there have been 23 placements in just shy of 2 years. My 9 year old daughter has been placed in 5 different foster homes, my 7 year old daughter has been placed in 10 different foster homes, my 6 year old daughter has been placed in 3 different foster homes, and my almost 5 year old son has been placed in 4 different foster homes. They have been moved around more in the last 2 years than we moved in my oldest daughter’s lifetime, but yet that is more stable than them being in my home????? Would love to know how to fight this

  33. I am going through this right now. I would Appreciate it if someone could get a hold of me my phone number is 231 852 02 7-9. Thank you.

  34. I a single mother recently divorced with my 3 children in Foster care. I live in Mi as well. I fully agree with what was said in this article is total B.s. on the part of dhs. I have heard all the excuses mentioned. I have been told I don’t understand why I’m in court by my own court appointed lawyer. I am currently fighting to find a job and a home. In this economy in mi where I live it’s hard because I have physical limitations that limit where I can work. I would appreciate any advice on how I can fight this. Who do I need to contact to get my voice heard? This needs to stop. My children cry after every visit because they want to come home. Please help me reunite with my children. Please?

  35. Saginaw County CPS is a joke. To them it’s ok that kids can live in a house with no electricity or running water as long as they have access to BOTTLED water. It’s ok for a 10 year old girl and an 11 year old boy to sleep in the same room. It’s ok that now that 11 year old boy sleeps IN his mom’s bed while the 10 year old girl sleeps on the floor of her mom’s room. They don’t think there’s anything wrong with the fact that both kids have rotting teeth in their mouths and their mom refuses to take them to the dentist. The same thing with Saginaw County Friend of the Court. Neither one truly cares about the best interest of the child. It’s whatever makes things easier for themselves.

  36. Hi my name is annie and i have been dealing with cps for almost 2 years i have done everything they had asked of me… they ripped my girls from me at the time i had a newborn baby and almost 4 year old.. my oldest daughter has always been well cared for. then the new baby came along and let me tell ya my girls got spoiled. my oldest cries every time she has to leave me. she dont understand why she cant be with her mommy and daddy every night and day. i love my girls so much i hate the state of Michigan. they split my family up and lied to me and their daddy. they say my girls will be returned in November. kalamazoo county is a joke..

  37. This happens in every state in the country, some being worse than others I would guess. CPS came into their own when Congress passed the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act December 10. CAPTA was first passed in 1974 and was last reauthorized for five years under the Keeping Children and Families Safe Act of 2003. In late September 2010, Senators Christopher Dodd (D-CT), Michael Enzi (R-WY), and Tom Harkin (D-IA) introduced the reauthorizing legislation (S. 3817). This is a rather lengthy thing to read, but it explains how CPS got to be the monster it is today…all in the name of Child Protection. A very helpful site is fightcps,com.

  38. My friend is currently go through this but there is a big lack of help. Any suggestions??? Please she’s a great mother!

    THEY TOOK MY 8year old and gave her to her father.
    Now she STILL IS NOT IN SCHOOL BUT ACT LIKE ITS NO BIG DEAL. I could go on and on but..

  40. My son went through the MICHIGAN cps court system. And like the above story our county not only took his son but they solely went on the word of the other grandmother that was clear she had an agenda. When I tried to ask why I wasn’t considered as a placement they said I didn’t fill out the proper form. I checked all of my paperwork and guess what…the cps worker conveniently didn’t put it in the case file. So I feel this was deliberately done because like I said they were only listening to one party. Also my son had a court appointed attorney and the grandparent hired this attorney to defend her son for meth cooking. This should have been a conflict of interest because the attorney couldn’t give the information from that case due to client confidentiality in my sons case that could have saved my son from losing his son. I could go on and on about this case but can’t type it all. Also, thus attorney conversing with the other grandmother I feel made him give bad advice in my sons case. I would sure like to be part of getting word out there about MICHIGAN cps and our local family services agency that handled the adoption of my grandson.

  41. This doesnt really surprise me. I was removed from my mothers custody in april of 2001 when I was 10. Both my parents fought for me and my sister but Michigan FIA won.

    Honestly, I hope they write another article on all the other corruption of the Michigan FIA. Like, how they alter the facts and put it on paper before the judge. Or how they brainwash these kids in to believing that their parents are “bad”. Oh yeah, how about when all the damage is done, they dont keep you in a stable home. From 2001 thru 2009 I was in at least 14 foster homes, 2 of them being group homes. I went to 6 different highschools!

    Granted, there was some abuse in my familys home, it was reported by school staff at the time. But my family and I would have been better off if they worked to help correct it, instead of turning me and my sister into tool for their profit. Now, over 10 years later, my family is still destroyed pretty much.

    Bottom line is that there should be agencies to keep families together, not rip them apart. Theyre in this for the money, its wrong, its unjust, but its the truth. Personally I think my family would have been better off without the so called “help” that this agency gave.

  42. I am a parent being bullied by CPS only because an ex boss felt she needs to call on me because I turned her into the health dept.very petty battle but now I have to do drug testing when ever they call and I am not a drug using parent I have been clean and sober for 4 years and I am proud of it and this woman is trying to use my past against me , and to top it off the woman who turned me in is really good friends with the CPS worker. I am just at a loss of words and was just curious if maybe you might have some words of wisdom

  43. i think that an investagation is needed big time in ogemaw county iosco county m not just f i a c p s but the probate judges that handle these cases ,, i think every county should be investagated starting with ogemaw for some reason they like removing children when progams can be put in and helping familys stay togather they rather pull them a part , it is costing the tax payers money we need to put a stop to it ,, every family that has had there children pulled for stupied shit should all get togather and file a class action suite but in a higher court ,, these familys need a change of venue have there case heard in another court if they feel they are not getting a fair trail

  44. when i mean state investagation i mean from lansing and washtoning


  46. Will the author of this article please email me….we need talk..please!!

  47. I am one of those parents who lost their children permanently the foster family cps had put my children into abused and neglected my children and nothing was done. Cps came into my life when my so called best friend broke 6 ribs and gave two brain bleeds to my youngest son he was only 2months old and they never did anything but blame me and took them away from me !!!! Now I suffer from severe Ptsd and can t ever even know how my children are doing !!!!!!

  48. This has been goin on for yrs..I lost my son because I had been in a very bad car accident…my mother tried to get grand parents rights she was denied because they said my mother n i were in cahoots together…he’s been adopted out threw out my recovery I’m n the Monroe paper I’m lucky I survived i was hit by a truck walking down south Huron river drive…i also have a friend his wife committed suicide cps came in a ask do u want us to take the kids for a few days so he could grieve…now everyone has these kids so scared about dad….Michigan u guys are some shady ppl….

  49. Please contact me at any time l need to make sure what’s going on so I can get all the right contacts n who will listen

    • The first person to contact would be your local government contact, and then your governor, after that contact your senate rep…I haven’t made I any further than that…good luck

  50. I too was amazed at how much this sounded exactly like my case. It was the most traumatic time in my daughter life and my own. we need people to protect children but some of these services are harming our families I pray something is done about this.

  51. For all of you who need help in the state of Michigan for cps call a lawyer in Reading Michigan by the name of Brown…Good Luck to all!

  52. This is happening everywhere. The states have found a money maker. Doctors are in on it also. When my first grand daughter was born, the pediatrician (Dr. Dixit) said she had an enlarged kidney and a blockage in the kidney. Put her on amoxicillian at 1 week old, wanted to send her to Kansas City Missouri for surgery when she reached 2 months. He had this all planned out. My daughter took her to another pediatrician that ran the exact same tests and found nothing. The first doctor called the DCS every week. Claiming he was concerned for the health of the baby. My daughter gave them proof she was seeing another doctor each time. My daughter was in the DCS office when the first doctors nurse put in a call of “concern”, when the DCS worker hung up, the first doctor called right after. The DCS worker took my daughter’s side in the matter and told them that enough was enough. She was looking at the baby right then, and the baby was fine. It took the second doctor calling the first doctor and threatening him with a lawsuit before it was stopped. Needless to say, my grand daughter is very healthy and never needed the surgery.

  53. […] The State Of Michigan Has A Dirty Little Secret. It is called Child Protection Services […]

  54. This is so true. In 2008 cps removed my son who was 8 months old and couldn’t get their story straight. His father hit me but son was in another room in his crib. I packed mine and sons things and left giving his father time to move out. After a week I returned home to get more clothes and diapers for son but cps showed up and called police saying I shook son and broke his legs. I was told if I take him to hospital and prove no abuse I’d get him back. I still have all the paper work. No abuse, trauma, injuries noted. They still put son in foster care and claim I had munchausen biproxy which was ruled out, then said I was emotionally unstable that was ruled out so then said I failed to protect son. They charged me with failure to protect and had me do all the programs and fight two years to get my son back. But when I found out I was pregnant a few months later by a new guy the cps worker choked me on camera and didn’t have consequences. No lawyer around here will fight cps. They took two years and my sons firsts away from me. He is 7 now and we are still trying to make things right.

  55. I had a situation about 9 years ago with my then teenage daughter. She started an altercation with me that turned violent. It ended with me on the floor with her foot above my face ready to smash my face with her foot. The police showed up and I was taken to jail. I was charged with assault because my daughter got a fat lip while she was throwing me around my kitchen, slamming me into things, etc… We went to court and a jury found me not guilty. Allegan county cps continued to push the prosecutor to take my kids away and to file charges in family court. They continued for years! I am still on the ‘list’ as a possible child abuser because they refused to remove my name after I was proven not guilty. I can’t even serve nursery duty at my church or volunteer at my kids school because I am labeled as a possible child abuser. I’ve asked Allegan cps in several occasions (to the point of begging) to review the documents that I have showing that I am not an abuser, but they flat out refuse to even LOOK at the papers or talk to my daughter who is now in her twenties and admits that she was out of control back then. Both of my daughters allow me to watch their children. I watch four of my grandkids all day every day to save on daycare. If I was so abusive to MY children why do they allow me to watch THEIR children daily?? All cps has to do is call my kids and talk to then but they refuse!! They have no concern for the damage that they do to people and families.

  56. My kids were taken from me due to a criminal charge i was guilty of , i wrote checks to self to pay water shut off (idiotically)
    As i did my time in jail they took my kids and gave them to a man whom my just turned 18 yr old says been beating one out of three kids they got of mine, he takes my son to a different building ..such as shed ,garage,camp store ..etc on their premises and whoops my kid so hard they can hear him scream in the main house, fir reasons as moving a rock in their driveway to make a jump bike ramp, or did not eat lettuce on burger… I do sonething i go to jail again and never prove to kids i learn my lesson etc.. Or i wait till of agethey come hone…ive called cps,fia,dhs…nothing in response …im the criminal liar now too give up eye site,all my limbs just to wake up and hear the words mommy

  57. Sorry typos above typing on phone

  58. I wish they found this out an saved my daughter it took 7 years but she back in my life her mental health is a mess she 16 an still has indoor two years away from me an brother an sister I was able to stay in my other two children life an there okay they didnt have suffer the abnoment an sepration issue my oldest did I wish some would investigate this befor my daughter got lost in system she suffer all this an was kept from me becsuse I neglected her education I wish I could afford a lawyer for now this has tore are family up for years

  59. The state of Michigan took 4 of my children 17 years ago because my babysitter left my children by themselves when I was at work the sitter denied being my sitter when confronted.
    A man who worked for Bethany Christian services told me no matter how many hoops I jumped through I would not be getting my children back hesaid I quitting this job in 2 weeks and I’m telling you they already have a family to adopt 2 of them my parental rights had not even been terminated yet and they were already adopting out my children. I have a great relationship with my oldest daughter and she tells me when they took them from school while I was at work they took my 4 little children to a mean black ladies house and were forced to stay in the basement for 3 days sleeping on an old dirty mattress until protective services found a place to put them.
    OMG my poor babies had never experienced mean dirty or a basement so how were they doing better for my kids than I was ? Look out don’t let them in your house if you have children and they come to your house chase them away and for God sake they ruined my life and the lives of my children

  60. How this sounds so familiar. They took my daughter away from me when she was two and a half months old. For no real reason. CPS made up every excuse possible at every hearing to make jumping through their hoops impossible. They forced to sign off my parental rights or face jail time because I would not stop fighting for her. I want my daughter back Michigan!

  61. Excuse my language. But, this passes me off so bad. I want to know when will anything be done about this corrupted systemsystem. Shame on the courts for allowing this. Each one of them swore to there job title.there all cowards. It’s not just FIA, or cos. It’s friend of the court, summit point, behavioral health. They all play follow the i watched three kids raised in foster care all of thethere lives being lied toto, moved from home to hohome, foster homes that were pieces of garbage. These kids were damaged. The system ruined them for life. It makes me sick that this is going on. One of the kids pretty much was always at our home. So I treated him just like one of mine. The damage they caused him and his sister and brother was the very things they said why they needed to be removed from there home. Don’t you all feel that it’s time to stand up, demand a investigation, demand them to be held accountable. I do. And maybe it’s time for action


  63. This happened to me about 10 years ago. In the last 2 years my daughter has come back into my life, she apologized for all the lies she told the case worker- after the case worker put those ideas in her head.
    When I did what the state had asked by receiving counseling and parenting classes, they used it against me. Not to mention I had to go to multiple counselors because the first two they sent me to be evaluated by told them there was nothing wrong with me and they felt the child was just angry due to me (the parent) not allowing her to run the streets and do whatever she wanted to do.
    CPS left my children and me completely shattered and even put my daughter with a family member with a felony conviction, so didn’t take care of my daughter. My daughter had to get a part-time job to buy food for herself because the person taking care of her left her alone for days on a regular basis with no food or way to get ahold of help if she needed it.

  64. My tWo teenage kids have been removed for 2 1/2 years now,my teenage daughter is suicidal now because of being put on placement. Her,and my son both still blame there selves for our pain. There is so much details as to how my children have been raised,that people who know us say I was a great parent! They took my children for being unruly ,skipping school ext. no big trouble! All this complying with all the hoops to jump threw,just to have them say I couldn’t control them? Well no they haven’t done a whole lot as far as breaking the law,but yet they felt I couldn’t control them! I raised my kids til 13,& 14 they are pretty good kids. Feeling overwhelmed with grief from they’re pain and mine!

  65. This is my life almost verbatim at the hands of Michigan State CPS. My life was torn apart only because Indiana State CPS got involved did I manage to survive, not trying to sound dramatic here. Preponderance of evidence is the worst thing I have heard of.

  66. They took my daughter 15 years ago, I was not fully mature but I was far from a neglectful mother. They took a piece of me.. Even in three years when I find her… That piece will always be gone 😪

  67. My Grandchildren were stolen from us and adopted out ,even though my daughter signed over custody to me and the court’s ignored this.We all have been so devastating especially to my granddaughter who was taken with no warning a little over a year old and she lost her hair because of all the stress.You see protective services are supposed to be protecting the children but that’s not the case they devastated her and now is being told that we were really not her family and that her older brother and sister were really her cousins and there is just so much emotional abuse that is going on we all have been so devastated over this and yes we are not wealthy so therefore have no power over this. I called a lawyer and he was very rude and told me he couldn’t help me that emotional abuse and theft of my Grandchildren he said there had to be money losses? It has nothing to do with money it’s the deception and the emotional abuse and my grandchildren were stolen from us so heartbreaking to not be able to do anything about it. Please can you please help us we need them and they need us.💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  68. Can you please help our family my grandchildren have been stolen from us.We are not a wealthy family but we have a lot of love to give I feel that is more important than material things. My daughter has struggled with addiction,she was molested by her father and it has forever changed her. She signed both the grandchildren over to me while she still had parental rights the court’s ignored this and they stole my grandchildren. This has been so devastating for all of us as well as my Grandchildren,Jewel was a few days over a year and they came to my daughter’s and stole her and placed her with strangers. This was so devastating to her the first time we saw her after that she almost jumped out of the lady’s arms to get to me .It was so heartbreaking especially when we had to put her in this strangers car and make her go with her . This all has been so devastating she was losing her hair she wouldn’t eat so heartbreaking for everyone of us .There is so much more to the story and I am far from wealthy and without money they just do whatever they want and ignore the fact that they were given to me by their Mom and don’t have to follow the law and deceit and lies and stole my granddaughters .Please can anyone help us please #Broken Hearts #Broken Family 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  69. Totally agree cause people are poor and afford a lawyer. It’s give them the right. I just so sick of it

  70. I was a foster parent seen thing and have proof of thing that would blow your mind here in NC & mi Including fraud to SSI when you buck the system they try to make it like you are the problem E-mail me for details if I can be of service as I believe in taking care of this kid as they are all they have to defend them from the such a very bad outcome of a corrupted system to raise money

  71. I’ve always said this….. It’s all about the money…… I am a great mom to my children and grandchildren, but I had my kids taken away. You know why? Paperwork said failure to physically stop children from fighting, which i guess is 4th degree child abuse. My children 15 months apart, ages 2 and 3 fighting over a sucker, and I told them “stop it” & “knock it off”, got taken for my failure to physically separate them. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, but one thing I did right was be a good mom. My son, Ethan (Soyr), will be 18 this March and I hope God sees it fit for me to be a part of his life. I have thought of him everyday of my life.

  72. Who can you talk to, to change a decision and investigate the fraud of the system and the foster parents…

  73. This is SO TRUE !!!!!! I wish we can file a Lawsuit against the State Of Michigan Foster Care System. I was treated horrible, everything they tell you in the Pride classes are LIES.

  74. my children where removed in 2012 . my rights where terminated a year later even tho i had people fighting for me and had case workers fighting on my behalf i still lost my children , you see it was much more than the reports it was that noone in that office liked me nor gave me a fair chance state workers removed off my case if they had any thing good to say about me . they sent a copy of an evalation to all the people who was gonig to testify against me in hope they wouldnt have anythiong good to say about me over all iwas greatly discranted against with no fair chance .. i had no chance of getting my kids back the cps here in gratiot county works hana to hand with the court people they are friends all them after hours i had no chance in the gratiot stayem i was awarded of the stae at age 13 they knew my last name and thats all that matter

  75. Had dealings with saginaw county just over a year ago from false alegations from a neighbor that was trying to rob us and cause as much grief to my family as possible. Not only do they question your child without you present but they ask them about “how long they are in time out” and many other questions that are none of their business. They come to your home with police and treat you like a criminal without any proof except the word of someone else, many times someone jealous or looking to cause problems for the parents. After many frightening interviews, in home inspection, and phone calls they found not one bit of abuse but, the neighbor that made the false allegations (to which we have documentation) and death threats to our family and pets, is still able to walk around free without any reprocussions whatsoever.
    My children still feel the effects of this frightening experience over a year later and have since come to realize that as parents we have no authority over them, as far as discipline is concerned. We have sold our home and left the state since this incident and the jealous scheming neighbor (that claimed to have an aunt working for dhs) is getting away with their lies. Only after showing the case worker 20 plus pages of death threats, threats to our home and vehicles, our kids being physically attacked on the bus and at school, threats to our oldest daughter in college and these people laughing saying that they wouldn’t be caught because they had so many firewalls and disposable phones to carry out the threats on our family did cps decide to close the case.
    There should be criminal charges put on people that make false allegations about the safety of children. All I can say is Jesus loves the little children and I would hate to be any of you when he judges you for destroying families and hurting children this way. These people get bonuses for taking away children – Sadistic!!!! There is so much more to this story that it’s just twisted! Would still love to go after the local law enforcement for their failure to do their job especially since we paid their wages as well as the dirty corrupt dhs/cps.

  76. This is exactly what happened to me with my three daughters there wasn’t any actual evidence of neglect. But me being low income and not being able to afford an actual lawyer. I fought for a year jumpped through every hoop passed every test, and still was made to sign over my children.

  77. This has happened to some of our family! Two children to be exact. None of us family members were “approved” to take physical custody. They have been placed with a single foster mom “interested in women” I have nothing against same sex relationships! She just had gotten her foster license. Noe the grandma had been denied for adoption. In the foster family it is only her and her mom. We have this hudge loving family snd can not have any contact. The kids are constantly sick. Now the foster mom is probably goin to get the kids February 2016 for good. She has two other foster kids ln the home. She works also. The kids are in daycare alot! How is this right?!?! Because the mom failed to protect because the father of the older daughter beat her for 3 days. Now the 2 year old son has been called mason and thats not his name! Please some on help. Might be too late for these two and hopefully we will later contact them when they reach the adult world. They are 6 and 2. They will never known how much we all fought for them, never know how It is to plaY with cousins. Never be at our family gatherings. The grandma was never giving a chance. The system said there doin good we’re thet are and that’s were they will stay m this happens way to mant times in midland county please help these children. Im currently in school to become a social worker to maybe help someone in need..hudge Allen and all the cps workers need to clean up there back yard. They have post on fb with them drinking and simply enjoying life but our hearts hurt every single day!

  78. It sounds like you found every HORRIBLE parent to comment! Your children would not be removed if you were not abusing or neglecting them! Even after removal parents have WAY TOO MANY chances to do the RIGHT thing and get them back! The sad thing is that all or you think CPS has power?! CPS can make a recommendation of removal however the JUDGE is the ONLY one that can remove a child!!! Unfortunitly children ARE being abused and neglected every minute of every day….but of course CPS took your children “for no reason”. Come on people wake up, you messed up, own up to your mistakes. Thank God CPS is there to make sure children are SAFE!!!!

    • Safe? I reported our neighbor for hitting his children IN THE FACE and CPS did nothing. The neighbor is a well-respected business man and the CPS worker came by, talked with him for a few minutes and then left. When I tried to follow up on the report I was told they had “no record of complaint against said party”. Every year there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cases pending in family courts throughout Michigan where parental rights are at stake. In most cases, it is incumbent on the parents to prove they DIDN’T do anything wrong, but no such obligation for the State to prove that the parents DID. Do your case studies, study the facts and the transcripts and then do us all a favor and SHUT UP!

    • I am happy to see someone say what I was thinking. I was a foster parent for many years and I went over an above to work with the parents in hopes they could reunite with their children. I also know workers who went above and beyond to work with parents as well. Im not saying there is no wrong reasons out there, I am sure it happens, but it’s not as common as people here would like others to think. If I lost my kids I’d be complaining about someone taking them too. No one wants to admit they did something stupid or accidental. You can’t fix what you won’t acknowledge!! I also do know the state does infact get paid per child like it said. I almost jumped on board with the New York Collision for Children when they sued five states foster care systems several years ago. I also need to say that those of you who think foster parents have butt loads of money coming in for their foster children to spend on casinos or other things, I’m sorry but thats laughable. The only way your making more (and its not that much more) is if you have a special needs child. What we get paid would be a joke to most, but those of us who didn’t do this job for the money don’t care about the money aspect. And this crap that they are putting kids into rich families to bribe them with cool things so they don’t want to go home. Get a brain!! Ive never had a kid yet that their whole thought process was to away go home, it’s what they want, anyone that thinks they would trade their family for money are those who truly abuse their children and they would run to a sewer system to stay away from you. Now one more thing. I can’t tell you how many children I had temporarily because the states first priority was to place them with a family member like a grandparent. Never!!!!! did any of them have to get a foster licence. I not only worked as a foster parent but I worked in the DHS office dong a variety of jobs. I have involved myself with the workers, lawyers, judges and parents. If your not meeting the criteria to take your loves ones kids there is a reason!!!!! For the rare cases which may be a few of you who have lost your kids for some unjust reason, don’t give up!

      • You’re a liar. My sister in law’s brother died and his wife was an unfit mother. My sister in law has been forced to take classes at her expense and jump thru many other hoops just to get a Foster Care license To care for her own niece whom wishes to adopt. Now my sister in law is a wonderful woman, Works with the elderly. So get off your high horse and stop acting like you know everything just because you are or were a foster parent. Michigan is corrupt, very corrupt just ask Flint!!

    • Oh please you are obviously a social worker you people are to guilty conscience and should be ashamed

  79. I wish cps would do something about my step children…we have called cps and the school has called cps on her and they do nothing…she is a terrible mother and has admitted that to me …I wish cps would do their job .

    These kids deserve a better home …

  80. I need to be able to contact the author of this article, I am desperate.

  81. When dhs took my grandson it was horrible I got on internet and looked and looked for ways to get him back only thing I ever found was same stories as these it was a nightmare these people have more authority than others I called TV channels, governors,everyone I even called the white house, pretty much all you can do is get a relative to agree to take them and they go threw hell to. If nobody will then mostly the lil ones are adopted rest go to foster homes mostly people that just wanna draw a check and food stamps. Then abuse the children worse than any parent ever did. They had my lil grandson already adopted when a monkey wrench was thrown at them when my sister did everything they wanted and got custody, she lives about 1400 miles from here so you can imagine how often we see him, we are not rich people.

  82. I believe this is not real because I personally know too many people who have lost their kids and the state of Michigan has given back when they never should have but the ones who don’t do usually end up being the poor people who do which is Wrong. I know a few families right now that have lost their children a few times over and over and they get turned in again and nothing is done. What is wrong with this picture? Let’s be real People.

    • Who is the author of this article, I didn’t see a name on it. If I missed it could someone let me know. Thanks!

  83. This is not even close to the truth! The state of Michigan has rules set up for spanking your child. A swat on the but is not abuse. My ex openly admitted to attempting to yank our child off her bed by her feet, losing his temper again, cussing and screaming, oh and of course he stopped before he really lost his temper this time. Our daughter came out and stated she was scared of him, was honest about the ongoing emotional and mental abuse going on. Nothing happened to him. The worker made a referral to our FOC worker that our daughter be allowed to go back to counseling. FIA/CPS’s goal is not to take the child away, but rehabilitate the parent and/or the family. CPS at least in Ottawa County gives the accused parent several chances to reform. If not, then they step in. Please understand I do have former background in this field as a former CCI Youth Care Worker/Youth Specialist. Both Muskegon County and Ottawa County have such a massive case load. Not all calls are turned into full out investigation or separation. Some reports are honestly just not warranted for this action. I am attempting to be level seeing both sides of this fence. The workers have such a HUGE responsibility and at times little to go on. Their main objective at all times is to protect the child/children the call was made about.

  84. Who is the author of this article? I couldn’t seem to find a name on this did I miss it?

  85. I want to know how to contact this lawyer what’s the name anything. Cps STOLE MY KIDS!! I was forced into a plea deal only pled to one thing and my caseworker is saying I pled to everything in the petition I proved EVERYTHING a lie. I want my babies home I need a lawyer that will work for me not the county

  86. My family happens to be one of the many horrible statistics of Michigan FIA/CPS/DHS destroy your family to adopt your children to corrupt foster families who are seeking children to adopt.
    Barry County Family court is where the judge will grant the destruction along with the prosecutors office joined by the Barry County DHS office who are backed by corrupt Lawyers/guardian Litems along with Barry County parenting life coaches.
    The Barry County family court system along with DHS/CPS/FIA are a one way ticket to having your family torn apart and your children adopted off for profit.

  87. I also after seeing the outrageous responses by some of you mindless people for even to indicate there is no corruption in the michigan FIA system!
    I will even bet most of you that have made the comments there is no such thing happening that you are a case worker or a piece of the corruption and you are cowards and should and will be dealt with in the unlawful manner that the many families that have suffered the horrible fate that so many have.
    I will never understand just how many unethical people are in the midst of a pretty liveing death sentance that is passed on families.

  88. Horrible! If this is true, and I have no doubts that it probably is, it must be corrected immediately!

  89. Everything in this post is very tru. My sons kids where taken away for a spanking. They used the very same things in this post against them. Dirty house, dirty dishes, arguing in front of the kids, drug use, no job, no dentist, this system is very corrupt all boiling down too money. The CPS workers can lie along with school employees they have immunity from prosecution for there lies. I’m the grandparent and I can’t see them either they even lied about me and my wife.

  90. Where are the federal investigators. Why isn’t the justice dept investigating this issue

  91. This is exactly my life! My kids where never abused or neglected… They where loved and had a beautiful family…. Until the day Cps ripped them from me. 3 years later after doing everything they have asked… My babies still ain’t home…

  92. Manipulation. Lies. False accusations. Taken out of context. CPS really DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH. Only what they want to hear and believe to make their case (then fill in with more B.S. and hearsay). THEY step in and destroy family relationships and dynamics and don’t give two craps about what damage THEY have done. THEY blame US parents for the devastation and repercussions THEY have caused and no matter how hard I try… I am finding out it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get out of this vicious cycle THEY have brought upon MY family and may never be out from under the umbrella of their scrutiny. It truly sucks that they are in our lives and I can’t do a damn thing about it but to ask “how high” when they say jump. It sucks that my family is hurting and in such disarray because of someone’s comments and ONE phone call. It sucks my kids are the ones suffering from all this and I know there isn’t a way for me to fix things for them/us. How did CPS get to be “more powerful” than the courts and lawyers and other law enforcement agencies/officials? Thankfully I still have my girls…(so far) but that threat is FOREVER going to be a disturbing cloud held over my head…all because someone else ran their mouth (and more than once) … Let me know of you want to hear my story.
    #5MonthsIn #OttawaCounty

    • Marcy, I am freaking out here. What is happening in your family?

  93. My family was torn apart. I was leaving my husband at the time because he chose to do drugs, I was arrested for a warrant for a driving offense ticket I didn’t pay and my boy’s were taken from me. It was a horror story!!! The things we had to go through. The games they played with me!!! I have my children back and they are older now but my 18 year old SUFFERS GREATLY because of all the wrongs they did. I received a letter a year after getting my children back that stated that the kids names were on a lawsuit against the Ennis center and CPS for all the wrong doings from them. There were many other children on there as well but I have never heard another thing about it! ! I NEVER WRONGED MY CHILDREN, NO ABUSE, NO NEGLECT NO NOTHING! !!!!! I have ALWAYS wanted to do something about this horrible system we have! !!

  94. I worked in both Ogemaw County and in Alpena County probate court, there is a lot of injustice, most of these law makers should read what the bible says about child discipline, it is God’s way and they tell you not to go with God’s word when they say you can not spank your children, there is a fine line between discipline and abuse, nothing wrong with a good spanking, I grew up with them and it didn’t hurt me one bit, in fact I learned respect for my elders , the only thing a spanking did was hurt my pride, yes I believe in spankings , my children are all grown up now and have families of their own but if I had to do it all over again , I would still give spankings!

  95. My children and I fell victims to CPS also. This was long before internet or cells phones. I got turned in because I ran out of formula (WIC) and asked for help. When they showed up, every thing that was documented and discussed in court was everything turned around about what actually happened claiming neglect. (Really wish there were camera phones then because I would of had proof). I jumped through hoops and went above and beyond on my own. No matter what I did, it was never good enough. Even my lawyer stated to the court that I had done more than other parents had done to prove to the system. I fought the system for a full year till I finally gave in for the well being of my children. They were so confused having to leave me after visits to the point of crying and having to be pulled off me. I couldn’t continue having them hurt like this. Since I knew who wanted to adopt them (foster family and a good family), I willingly signed away my parental rights to protect my 2 children from the anguish and because I loved them that much I couldn’t bare seeing them hurting from being pulled in 2 directions. Hardest thing I ever did. Many years had passed (10) and I had another baby. Two weeks after her birth CPS showed up at my door and I answered it ready to fight. I did not allow the CPS worker in. They could see my daughter in the bassinet from the door. They contacted the Drs and such and came back with no concern and the investigation (follow up) was dropped.

    Now that my 2 oldest are over legal age, they contacted me and know what happened. I was never perfect by any means but I was never abusive or neglectful. Only thing I did wrong was being young with no help from family.

    A few years ago another young lady had a run in with the same county I did. Her husband had been caught with child pornographic material. The cops showed up, confront her with this new news, and take him to jail. She tried doing the right thing for her children and herself. She took her kids to CPS to have them evaluated if anything had happened to them. They took her kids and took her through the cleaners. They tore that woman apart and then took her rights away. Was she perfect? Far from it but never should of been treated the way she was for trying to do the right thing and protect her kids!!!

    I don’t know one person that is a perfect parent; CPS Worker, Teacher, Social Worker, Lawyer, Judge, or even Congress Members.. So to reply to “Parents doing something wrong”. Yes… We all do. There has to be a different system set up to protect “children” and “parents”. There is a difference between “Not being perfect” and “Endangering/hurting Children”. To Social workers, I’m not saying all CPS workers are out to get you but when there is one bad apple you know all are going to be called bad apples. Also, it is very normal for someone to be in a power position to let it go to their heads. There is many accredited reports about social workers being effected by their work. Good read!

    To all you going through the system. I know it’s hard. Never let them take away your strength. Systems are designed to make you fail. Fight with all your might. Fight till there is no fight left. Fight till you decide something different. What ever you decide, Fight!

  96. Yea, cps in Michigan is very mest up, they tried taking me and my sister from our mother and she never neglected us or abused us, what they did was mentally and emotionally hurt us more for what they tried to do, before I had moved away from Michigan, I had 2 daughters, my house always cleaned safe for my kids never neglected or abused always taken care of I was a 24/7 mommy the cps worker told me you have to be a perfect parent to be a parent I said no there is no such perfect parent as parents we have to learn from our mistakes we are not perfect, yea she didn’t like my answer, best thing is cps knocks on ur door you don’t have to answer unless a warrant is shown and officer is with them, secondly you can take pictures of your house and step out and show them, once you let them in ur house gives them all rights, when I had moved the cps worker just walked in my house as if she owned it, I gotten lawyer and hot out of Michigan yea they sent them where I moved to but they closed case cause I wasn’t neglectful or abuse my children and I’m thankful for getting out that state, don’t move to Bellaire, manelona or Petoskey cause they love taking kids from parents Oh and Kalkaska they too, and be careful with Kalkaska cps they let a little boy get killed my his mother’s boyfriend while she did nothing , poor baby was only 3 or 4 years old all signs of abuse and they did nothing to save him but was more worried about taking kids from good parents just saying

  97. Be happy to share the corruption I have seen

  98. Class action suit for a brave attorney who could sue several countries. I have a good case..

  99. This what happend to me and my husband 8 yes ago in Cadillac were they took all 3 of my daughters for no reason staying that I was a business g them but I had just taken them to see a doctor and she wrote out stating there was no abuse nor neglect.. we did everything in oue power to get them back we did classes we did drug tests twice a week we did it all but never got them back later on we had a so cps took him without consent from a judge placed him with his his sisters. Monday morning cps did get in trouble for a min by the judge and ordered him right back to us… we now have our two sons… that state is corrupt they take children away from there family’s for no reason.. we tried so hard to get them back but there was no reunification like there was suppost to they skipped that and made us sign our rights away. . So now my daughters no they have brothers and they no they are with me.. and my son’s no about them.. but my daughters have asked why can my real mom have my brothers and not us. ? Good question . The state of Michigan mentally abused all my kids by taking them away for no reason then placing siblings together only to tear them apart again. Total mental abuse they gota grow up not knowing eachother.why cause of the state of michigan..why is it OK to have my two kids but not my other ones.. cause they did it to put money in there pocket. I hope someone can see my story there’s so much more to it..and help fight this state..

  100. On February 5th at 9:15 I have a show cause hearing because they want e to pay for one of my child’s lawyer. I am finally ready to take a stand for myself and really honestly don’t care if they put me in jail for contempt. They tore my family apart and they wrecked my whole world. my kids were my life and know I am watching my kids troubled life because their lawyers did them so much justice. They were better off in my so called dirty house because now I have one daughter who had a child at 15 another daughter who was in a state hospital and another son that is in a group facility trying desperately to feel loved by someone. I am so tired of feeling their pain and my own and they are going to hear about it. So if anyone else wants to show in Standish and take a stand with me please contact me I cannot and will not let them do me no more harm mentally

  101. Sadly we are a victim of this bullshit in Michigan. My family is a hard working, loving and Craig Daly with 3 children and we are fighting in court to get our 6 year old back home because-this is an exact quote from cps- “you lost her only because of her behavior due to the severity of her adhd” and she begs and begs to come home every time we get to see her. We have done nothing but good and exactly what we are supposed to do and we don’t spank our kids and we still got her taken. Its bullshit!!! In my opinion, cps can seriously screw themselves to put it nicely. Once we get her back, we will be gone from this piece of shit state.

    • Sadly to say but I had one child that was adhd and cognitively impaired and do you know that a school and pin a child to the cround cover his mouth and nose and straddle over him which took three people. that’s the way he was when I got there to pick him up all bc he threw his chair, but anyways I called CPS on the school and was told “Schools have every right to do whatever they want.” but even tho we never beat our children they r allowed too manhandle them and get away with it. The school actually started our whole CPS case which resulted in the end of our four children being taken away.

  102. Reblogged this on gracefulmess and commented:
    This is long and difficult to read in one sitting but this exactly describes the state of our Child Protective Services in Michigan and across the country. I believe that Ottawa County is one of the worst based on being put through the ringer by their family court/Friend of the Court. We need to step in and hold these horrible child abusers accountable!

  103. This is True very true. 1996 they took my kids. They was gone six weeks.. We were lucky the foster care placement/visiting center supervisor seen from moment my children was taken there, by childrens actions that they should have never been removed. The fia worjer that came to our home, testified on our behave. God blessed our family with two people who did nit care about a bonus. They truly cared about the familys and children. Our case was dismissed by rhe judge on augs the 20 1996. CPS worker knocked at our front door 8am on aug the 21st 1996. We did not allow the worker to enter the home. On Aug the 22nd 1996 our bags few toys. To another state we went. My family got lucky. My heart truly goes out to those who werent so lucky. I know some of your pain.

  104. Our daughter is a victim of this system. Recently divorced with an troubled teen. Her children were removed from her home almost a yr ago and no matter what she does it is never enough. Has cost her a job. It has devastated her children and no matter how many times her children make it known they want to go home to there mom it does no good. How can this continue to go on. Our 12 yr old grandson is devastated. Went from being a straight a student to f,s. My oldest grandson has finally been placed in a residential program that she had begged for for years. Our granddaughter was placed with her dad and has but on over 70 pounds in less than a year but thats okay!!! Horrible Horrible situation.

  105. Please look into my case. Because you would be shocked. My son’s was taken from me because my infant was sick which he was at the doctor’s two days before and they wanted me to take him back to the doctorsthe next day. I had no problems with taking him back to the doctor but unfortunately there was a snowstorm and I felt like it would be more harmful to take a newborn baby inwith a lung infection. so I waited the day after that and took him as soon as I got home protective services were there they took both of my children and made sure I could not get them back make it it impossible for me to do the things they wanted me to do. When my sons were adopted they were physically sexually and mentally abused by the adopted family and now since my oldest is an adult he struggles with life everyday my middle child is 17 they asked the grandmother is she wanted custody before me matter fact I did not even ask me I own my own home I have vehicles and can provide for my family my daughter I had after leaving the state of Michigan she is perfectly normal teenage and loves her life if I was such a bad parent how come my daughter is better than my sons as far as the quality of seeing life.

  106. Can’t believe everything you read and keep in mind this was written 6 years ago. It is NOT illegal to spank your child on the butt.

  107. I worked for a “non profit ” both the company I worked for Orchards children services and the state are definitely only out to get money. We were told to break laws such as signing their name if we forget to get a signature and it was about getting unit hours or keeping families open/closing them out based on where we were at on our quota. If there is anything I can do to help please contact me.

  108. Dickinson county Michigan is the exact same as this. I have watched them rip apart families who have only been trying to provide for their kids. My sister had her first kid at the age of 17 and was with a loser but she was trying to provide for her daughter. The state took her daughter before she had a chance to give guardianship to our mother. So our mother had to fight for custody and get licensed to provide for her own grand daughter. She was lucky and had help love and support to get her grand child after a year of jumping through fia’s hoops. One of the stipulations of my mother getting custody of her grand daughter was that I could not be living in the same house as the child. Due to the fact that I had come out at a young age for liking girls. I am ftm transgender but at that time I just came out as a lesbian which I am not. Luckily for my mother I had left home before this. But it doesn’t end here. My sister had a son about a year later but was still with the loser she was with before and willingly gave up her son to the state because she knew she could not provide a good life for him at that time. Because she did that they deemed her an unfit mother and when she had another daughter they awarded full custody of the child to the drunk of a father. Who she spent years with trying to protect and provide for her child. She had gotten work and provided for that fallen down drunk and her child. She currently works two jobs and left the drunk but he still has full custody of her child. She refused to lose her daughter and obeyed his wish of if she wants to see her child she’d pay his rent for him since he can’t stay sober enough to keep a job. She did pay his rent because if she doesn’t his family will take her child away from her all over again. What kind of system punishes a parent for giving their child a better life and then gives a worthless drunk custody of the child that they could actually provide a good home for? She isn’t the first person that I know that has gotten screwed by the system that is supposed to work with you. Oh and her lawyer that the court appointed for her helped railroad her. He didnt help her, he helped them. He also helped set up the home that my first niece was placed into. But my mom won custody of her so when my sister gave up her son he was placed with that same family that the lawyer wanted my neice to go to. Countless friends and family have lost their children at the hands of this system. Yet people who fraud the system and treat these kids like paychecks win and when these kids are actually neglected at the hands of those who were awarded custody of these children and abused even don’t get investigated and if they do the case is quickly closed, and most often if you look into those cases and why the cases were closed you will find that the claims were unfounded.

  109. I’m dealing with that shit right now they took my kid with no proof or even a case and I’m alone in this state moved here from Texas

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