They Say They Can’t Predict Human Behavior- But Yet they are Smart Enough to Remove Children From Their Home?

Foster mother and 16-year old son charged with felony child abuse

This has to be the most insane piece I have found to date on the reason children are abused in foster homes.The very last sentance is the clincher. DFCS said, they did all the background checks they knew to do, but they can’t predict human behavior. That is indeed an oxymoron. They can predict alleged abuse in a bilogical home but they can’t predict abuse in a foster home. How stupid do they think we are?

Updated: April 16, 2009 01:15 AM EDT

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Foster mother and 16-year old son charged with felony child abuse

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Police arrested a woman and her teenage son Wednesday.

Both are accused of abusing two foster children who lived in their North Las Vegas home.

A judge originally told Child Protective Services to place the children with their biological grandmother. But CPS says they didn’t think that was safe.

So they turned them over to this foster woman who is now charged with four felony counts of child abuse.

“My son, he said he will never forget what happened to him and that hurts my heart,” April Register says.

She’s a mom crying for her children, an eight year old boy and a three month old girl.

Their foster mother 51-year old Deborah Hill and her 16-year old son were arrested and charged with child abuse.

“It was terrible, my god my babies…it was just terrible!” April says while crying.

The children were pulled from their mother, April Register, after the boy swallowed prescription Xanex and had to be hospitalized.

Then after five days in foster care April was taking pictures of her daughter in the hospital. She was dehydrated and had abrasions on her face and leg.

“It was determined through evidence that the injuries these children sustained were consistent with child abuse while they were in her care,” Chrissie Coon, with the North Las Vegas Police says.

Police are offering very few details, but April says her daughter was left face down in a closet for three days.

“That’s how she got the abrasions on her head. My son went to relieve her, because the first night she was there she was put in the closet, and he was beat with a wiffle bat,” April says.

April says Child Protective Services deserves half the blame for not placing her children with their grandmother like the judge ordered.

“This would never have happened had she followed the courts orders,” April says.

Everyone was back in court Monday and the judge ordered the children to be immediately placed with their grandmother. They were and that is where they are now.

A spokesperson with CPS says they still disagree with the judges orders to give the children to the grandmother. They say someone else living in the house did not pass a background check.

As to Deborah Hill, they say they do all the checks they can, but they can’t predict human behavior.


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