Dian Lynn Harris Missing from Monroe County Florida since 1981

Dian Lynn Harris Missing


This Amber Alert was Broadcast on Nov 18th 2009 She was allegedly abducted on the way to school

PORT ST. LUCIE — An Amber Alert was issued shortly before 11 a.m. Wednesday for a girl police say may have been abducted as she walked along Midtown Road near Port St. Lucie Boulevard.

Witnesses described the girl as being between 7 and 8 years old, white with dark hair. She was last seen wearing a blue skirt and a pink or purple shirt. No other details were released Wednesday morning and police did not have a positive identification of the girl.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Web site, the Missing Endangered Persons Information Clearinghouse is labeling this incident as “endangered” and the child is thought to be in danger.

The alert also said the child might be in the company of two Hispanic males, approximately 20 to 30 years old with dark hair, both wearing blue or black T-shirts. They are thought to have been involved in the abduction and might be traveling in a white, possibly newer model panel van with t-style brushed aluminum rims.

Two 8- to 9-year-old boys walking to their bus stop at Southeast Pinero Road reported seeing a “suspicious van” driving south on Midtown Road about 7:25 a.m. when the van changed directions and went north. The van passed them and the occupants are thought to have taken the girl, according to police.

“They witnessed the van allegedly abduct this child,” said Officer Tom Nichols, police spokesman. “From what they are saying … the girl was kicking and screaming. They just grabbed her and took off.”

Police are checking the public schools to make sure all the children are in school and there’s nobody missing. The boys don’t know who the girl is, nor do police. All children at the bus stop have been accounted for.

Nichols said white vans are being stopped in hopes of finding the girl and police are checking all sex offenders and/or predators in the area.

“We don’t have a name or description other than that provided by the boys,” Nichols said.

No one else reported the apparent abduction, but a flurry of law enforcement officers and vehicles descended on the area. A helicopter hovered over the area, at one point broadcasting information about the abduction and asking anyone with information to call 911.

Several law enforcement K-9 teams from throughout the state that were training in Martin County arrived at the scene to assist.

Anyone who may have information related to the case can call the Port St. Lucie Police Department at (772) 871-5000, their local law enforcement agency or 911.

This story will be updated when further information is released.

Missing Since 1999 Pilar Rodriguez Case has been reopened

PilarInformation from the Charley Project:

This case was reopened this week when the Sheriff’s Office went to the home of Wilson’s Grandmother and searched for evidence by digging in the yard. Someone somewhere knows what happened to this little girl. The baby sitter blames the boyfriend and he blames her.
The question is which one is lying. Keith Allen the boyfriend who was a trucker in 1999 now lives in Kentucky. This child needs to be found so her father can have some closure. If you know anything- please leave a comment on this site and I will see that it gets to the proper authorities. Help us bring this child home.

“Pilar’s father, Marco Rodriguez, was her custodial parent in 1999. He permitted Pilar’s babysitter, Melissa Cooper, to take the child on vacation for two weeks on January 30, 1999. Cooper took Pilar to the Trail Apartments in Punta Gorda, Florida, located approximately 135 miles from the Rodriguez home in Hollywood, Florida. Cooper’s former boyfriend, a truck driver named Keith Allen Wilson, accompanied them.
Marco called the authorities when Cooper and Pilar did not return by February 22, 1999. Cooper and Allen did not have the child, and they initially claimed that Marco had picked her up. Allen also said he had seen evidence that Marco had physically abused Pilar. Police investigated Marco thoroughly but found no evidence that he was involved in his daughter’s disappearance or that he abused her, though he does have a criminal record for battery and driving under the influence. Pilar has never been seen again.

Wilson later changed his story and claimed Cooper, an insulin-dependent diabetic, collapsed in a store and was hospitalized, and when she arrived back at the hotel room she shared with Pilar and Wilson, the child was missing. Cooper denied that any of this had actually happened.

Cooper was located at a her aunt’s home in Wisconsin shortly after Marco filed a report with law enforcement. Cooper claimed that she fled from the vacation home she shared with Pilar and Wilson after her boyfriend became physically abusive towards her and the child. Cooper said that Wilson beat Pilar severely and knocked her head into a wall. She turned blue and had convulsions. He refused to get medical attention for her and she died. He then put her body in a black trash bag and disposed of the child’s remains in an unknown location. Wilson denied Cooper’s allegations and said that she herself was responsible for Pilar’s death. Cooper took a polygraph exam shortly afterwards and passed, according to one source.

Authorities believe that Pilar was the victim of foul play. Officials drained Preacher’s Lake, a popular swimming place in Charlotte County, Florida which is inhabited by alligators, in November 1999 after receiving a tip from fishermen. They found some unspecified biological matter which they believe is a trace of Pilar’s remains. After the discovery, they announced that they were investigating her case as a homicide. Police also found several child-size t-shirts in the lake, including one with a picture of the cartoon character Winnie the Pooh printed on it. Marco says Pilar had such a shirt with her when she left with Cooper. Nothing else of evidentiary value was found in the lake, however. The Peace River in Charlotte County was searched in February 2001, but no evidence was located.

Marco filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Wilson, even though Pilar’s body has never been recovered and no arrests have been made in her case. The suit was dismissed after Marco’s attorney withdrew from the case because of a conflict of interest. Pilar’s mother lives in Ohio; her father was raising her by himself.

Wilson remains the prime suspect in Pilar’s presumed murder; he maintains his innocence. Florida authorities warned law enforcement officials in Kentucky that Marco may have been planning revenge against Wilson after Pilar’s disappearance. Wilson is a resident of Kentucky. Pilar’s case remains unsolved and authorities continue to search for her remains.”


Thanks To Determination by Police Shannon Dedrick Is Found Alive!


How Did This Child Disappear out of Her House without Anyone Noticing?

This story is just to bizzare. How did a child that was only seven months old vanish into thin air? She was allegedly asleep in the same room with her parents and vanished between
11:00pm and 3:00AM – The question is how and who?

If she was asleep in her parents room how did they not know someone was in threir house?

resized_Shannon_DedrickA massive search and rescue operation involving several counties in Florida is underway for a missing baby girl. The parents of 7-month-old Shannon Lea Dedrick, of Chipley, FL, reported her missing at 11:23 a.m. on Saturday.

The police say the parents have indicated that the baby was in the same room as the parents, and could have been abducted between the hours of 3 a.m. and 11 a.m.

At least two neighbors are reporting that they saw a grey van near the missing girl’s residence the evening before she went missing. They said it’s the same van they have seen there numerous times over the past couple of months.

Washington County Sheriff Bobby Haddock did say investigators are looking at a “person of suspicion,” but would not elaborate on who that person may be. Whether or not the person is related to the grey van seen at the residence has yet to be determined.

Child Protective Services – An Abuse of Power – It is time to Stop It

What shall we say ?

What shall we say when history asks how such crimes came to be committed in the name ” In The ‘BEST INTEREST’ of OUR Children” Will we say that we stood silently by, shrugging our shoulders, filling our bellies, closing our eyes? Or will we be able to say: We saw. We dissented. We resisted. We condemned. For all those who want to open their eyes to the horrors of the illegal kidnapping OUR children , and to the brutality, social injustice and moral corruption of the Child Protective Services . Go, see, open your eyes, and let them know — these torturers, these bloodstained betrayers of our common humanity – let them know that you know what they are, what they have done.

Text of DeLay’s farewell address -June 8, 2006

“… these children throw their despair and distrust into a black plastic trash bag, along with their few belongings, and head off to the next place… the next let-down. They are abused and neglected long before they ever reach our abusive and neglectful foster care system – and once in, things often only get worse. Children are dying, Mr. Speaker, inside and out… and it’s our fault.” Read more….
Congressman Tom DeLay

Child advocate in Chicago said: “-an infant in a paper bag on the freeway at rush hour is safer than a child in protective custody there.”

Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the United States. These numbers come from The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) in Washington.

Perpetrators of Maltreatment

Physical Abuse: CPS= 160 – Parents = 59
Sexual Abuse : CPS = 112 – Parents = 13
Neglect: CPS = 410 – Parents = 241
Medical Neglect: CPS = 14 – Parents = 12
Fatalities: CPS = 6,4 – Parents = 1,5
Did you know that…..?!

More than 75% of care leavers have no academic qualifications of any kind !!!! Read more…..

“This is a matter of conscience,” – “How can I know what’s happening to children and families out there and still let it continue to happen?”
Adoption Bonuses: The Money Behind the Madness
For every child that can get adopted, there is a bonus of $4,000 to $6,000.
DSS and affiliates rewarded for breaking up families! Must read

Information provided by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, in Fiscal 2003, 30 foster children died in our state’s care; in Fiscal 2004, 38 foster children died; and in Fiscal 2005, 48 foster children died.
“Data shows that while the number of foster children in our state’s care increased 24 percent from 26,133 in Fiscal 2003 to 32,474 in Fiscal 2005, the number of deaths increased 60 percent. Read more….

Please Give Innocent Children a Voice !
Last year over two million American families were falsely accused !!!
It is not in any one individual state but is now a worldwide epidemic.

Since the Adoption & Safe Families Act, with states in competition for the Federal Funds offered for promoting adoptions, Walter Mondale expressed concerns that states could create a business in dealing with children.

In the name of “child protection” children have been beaten. In the name of “children’s rights” children have been raped. And in the name of “erring on the side of the child,” children have been murdered. These are the stories of some of those children: In memory of Children protected to DEATH by CPS.

In The Name of Those Children
We are asking For:
-Victims of Child Welfare Memorial Day-
to remember those who have died as a result of Child Welfare in their lives. –
Take Action Send Citizen Request To: The White House

“When will justice come? When those who are not injured become as indignant as those who are.” -Leon Tolstoy

The State Of Michigan Has A Dirty Little Secret. It is called Child Protection Services


Many citizens in our great State of Michigan are unaware of Michigan’s dirty little secret that falls under the guise of the Child Abuse and Child Welfare Protection Laws. The advertisements and literature surrounding this area seem to be doing a magnificent thing for the children of our state. We have been led to believe that the State of Michigan is saving thousands of children from severe physical abuse and neglect. This is far from the truth. The truth is that this campaign is a giant money machine fueled by abuse of power of supervisors and case service workers employed by the Michigan Department of Family Independence Agency and private agencies that have contracted with FIA that we the taxpayers are paying dearly for through our hard-earned tax dollars. Basically, it is “make work by creating a case and keep your job or contract with the state government.”
The current campaign to save the children is doing just the opposite. Parents and children are being permanently separated and families are being permanently destroyed under this new plan because of abuse of power in the name of more state and federal funding. I have been working extensively in this area of law for approximately two (2) years. Not all of the cases that I am working on involve children suffering from broken bones, bruises or starvation. In fact most of the cases that I am involved in regard to parents that merely spanked their children by giving the children one or two swats on the clothed behind. In addition, parents who have physically defended themselves from a physically violent teenager, parents who argued in front of their children, recently divorced single parents, parents with low incomes, parents who have failed to take their child to a doctor for mere cold symptoms such as sniffles and mild congestion. Alternatively, parents who owned pornographic materials stored in a safe place where the children broke into and viewed the materials. According to FIA, the present state of law is that: 1) Parents cannot spank their child. Spanking, even with clothes covering the bottom, is severe physical abuse. Parents are only to use time out, reasoning and loss of privileges. 2) Parents cannot engage in physical self-defense to protect themselves from a physically hostile teenager. An act of self-defense by a parent is severe physical and emotional abuse. Parents are to use reasoning, time out and loss of privileges only and must sacrifice their physical safety for their violent teenager’s safety. 3) Parents cannot argue or talk about adult subjects, such as family finances, in front of their children. These are subjects that the child has no control over and creates extreme emotional distress in the child. FIA has classified this area as emotional or environmental abuse and/or neglect of the child. 4) Parents with low income are neglecting their children’s basic needs. Low-income parents cannot provide for the proper medical, physical or emotional needs of their children due to their limited income. The parents’ failure to obtain middle-income jobs means environmental, medical and emotional neglect. 5) Parents that fail to take their child to the family physician for colds, flu, sniffles and mild congestion, or parents who fail to obtain a family pediatrician are neglecting the medical needs of their children. FIA has classified this as medical neglect. 6) Parents who own pornographic materials, such as magazines, books, video tapes, and conceal such materials from their children have created environmental and emotional neglect of their children. Parents who own and hide such material run the risk that children will find these materials and view them causing emotional harm to their children. FIA has classified this as environmental neglect. 7) Divorced, single parent families seem to be targeted by FIA as high-risk environments for emotional and environmental neglect.
Most single parent families are low income and of course, according to FIA, cannot provide for the basic needs of the children as measured against middle-income standards. Single parents work outside of the home, leaving their children unattended or with “inappropriate care takers” (neighbors, older siblings, grandparents, relatives) causing environmental and emotional neglect of the child. Single working parents are unable to clean their homes “appropriately” and leave their homes cluttered, disorganized, and untidy (i.e. beds unmade, dirty clothes on floors or hampers, dirty dishes in the sink from breakfast, unswept floors and carpets, etc.) which the family must return to in the afternoon or evening that is classified as environmental neglect. Single parents tend more to their needs (i.e. working outside of the home) that to the needs of their children, which is, classified as emotional and environmental neglect. Ironically, FIA complies a list of single parent households from the Friend of the Court, sends prevention workers to the homes of such families and initially offers the families free, voluntary services through their prevention program. Such services include free parenting classes, free nutrition programs, free household budgeting programs, free employment training programs, and WIC. The social workers in these programs compile information on the family and home for FIA.
When you allow these workers to enter your lives and your home, you are allowing FIA to build a PS (Protective Services) record against you for child neglect, which leads to further child protective proceedings in the Probate/Family Court, which will ultimately result in the removal of your children and the children being placed in foster care. These workers are not hired to help you; they are hired to make a case of child neglect against you. Why are families being targeted by FIA? Most people have the misconception that concerned citizens report child neglect and abuse. This is untrue! A small percentage of my cases involve reports of neglect and abuse from neighbors, family members, friends and school officials. In fact, the majority of my cases involved the family receiving some form of voluntary services from FIA, such as the free programs listed above. In the majority of cases, school officials, such as teachers and counselors, never suspected child abuse or neglect in the families that were prosecuted. Moreover, in most cases the family physicians never suspected child abuse or neglect in the families prosecuted. Families are targeted because FIA must justify its need for State and Federal grants to keep its workers employed. Currently, FIA receives, in Federal grants, $2,000 to $4,000 per month per child in foster care and $10,000 per child adopted out into permanent homes after the parent’s rights have been terminated due to neglect and abuse. The State of Michigan provides matching funds to FIA. Bill Clinton recently signed new legislation providing for an additional $2,000 to $4,000 per month per child in foster care and $10,000 for adoption. FIA is making money hand over fist through our tax dollars. FIA social workers receive bonuses for removing children from their homes and for adoption. The incentive for abuse of power is extremely high and has occurred at alarming rates.
During 1996, Clare County removed 50% of the children in the county for neglect and abuse in the home. It is very hard to comprehend that 50% of the parents in Clare County are neglecting and abusing their children. Clare County is a “demonstration county” that is a pilot county for The Binsfield Laws supported by Federal Grants. These programs involve privatizing the foster care system. The foster care program hires private industry to service the foster care needs of the county children removed from the home. Currently, Eagle Village in Hersey, Michigan holds the foster care contract for Clare County FIA. How does the system work? FIA initially offers families free, voluntary services through prevention services to the families on the FOC (Friend of the Court files, AFDC files, Employment Security Commission files, Social Security files, etc.) such as free parenting classes, free nutrition programs, free homemaker services, free budgeting classes, free employment training programs, etc. The prevention worker works closely with the family to coordinate these free services by meeting with the family in their home on a regular basis, once or twice per week. While working with the family, the worker identifies problems areas that put the children at risk for abuse and neglect to qualify the family for these free services, such as poor parenting skills, homemaker skills, budgeting skills, and employment seeking skills.
The other side of this arrangement is that the worker is building a case of neglect and abuse against the parents. Most problems identified are lack of bonding with the children and nurturing due to the parents participation in these free programs. The parents are putting their needs before the children’s needs by focusing on their problems as identified in their participation in these programs. Furthermore, workers in these programs work in tandem with FIA to identify other risk factors such as poor parenting skills, why else would a parent take a free parenting class if they themselves have admitted to having poor parenting skills. Voluntarily entering into these programs is an actual admission to poor parenting, nutrition, homemaker, budgeting, or employment seeking skills that put the child at risk for neglect and abuse that lay the foundation for child protective proceedings in the Probate/Family Court.
The Courts believe that the FIA workers are the professionals and take their word as gold. The parents cannot defend against FIA. The testimony and statements mean nothing in the Probate/Family Court. In fact, the Court can issue an emergency pick up order for the children based on only FIA’s statements in an ex-parte hearing conduct by the judge and the FIA worker. The parents are not present during these hearings. The Court will issue an ex-parte emergency order allowing the FIA work to enter the home or child’s school to remove the child from the parent’s custody. The parents do get a hearing approximately two weeks later after the removal of the child but FIA is only required to prove that probable cause exists that the children are at risk of neglect and abuse if they remain in the home. Approximately 90 days later the parents may have a trial to determine whether by a preponderance of the evidence that the children are at risk to abuse or neglect if they are returned to the home. Most parents plea to abuse or neglect upon FIA’s promise that if the parents plea and engage in services they will get their children back sooner. Most parents’ plea to charges that they have a temper, they have beaten their children by merely spanking them, they have failed to provide the child with medical attention when they had cold symptoms, or they are unable to provide for the basic needs of the child because they are temporarily unemployed. The Court then takes jurisdiction over the children, places them in foster care and orders the parents to follow the Parent/Agency Agreement to be drafted by FIA. FIA then engages in a lengthy and vague process of ordering the parents to engage in specific services, such as individual counseling, parenting classes again, anger management classes and counseling, psychological evaluations, drug and alcohol testing, classes and counseling, etc.
Once parents complete these services, FIA informs the parents, usually during a court proceeding that they have not dealt with the proper issues in these programs that initially led to the removal of the children or the parents have not satisfactorily completed the programs. Because they will not or are not mentally able to comprehend their actions and the affect of their actions that have harmed their children. It is a no win situation. FIA is in complete control of the interpretation of whether the parents have successfully completed the Parent/Agency Agreement. Furthermore, if the parents elect to participate in FIA’s services with their hired agencies, then the parents never successfully complete the Parent/Agency Agreement. These agencies are FIA’s hired hands that build a case against the parents. If the parents elect to engage in services provided by professionals of their choice or referred by their HMO or other health care providers, then the parents must pay enormous amount of money for these services and for these professionals to come to court on their behalf to testify.
More importantly, the Court views parents hired witnesses as hired hands and discounts any testimony given by these professionals as being adversarial, unbelievable and hired hands of the parents. FIA and some of the Court have gone as far as accusing the parents of failing to comply with the Parent/Agency Agreement by engaging their own professionals for service, which has been deemed grounds for termination of parental rights. It is a no win situation that fails to focus on the best interest of the child. Also, most children are placed with foster parents who intend to adopt the children. The purpose of placement is to find the children a permanent, stable and safe environment, which they can live with dignity and respect. The focus in Michigan is no longer keeping families together by repair or rehabilitating parents to properly care for their children. The focus in Michigan and across the country now is to quickly place children into permanent homes.
This means the pool of foster parents are usually upper middle class with financial security. The children are then introduced to the finer things in life like Reeboks, Nikes, Starter Jackets, designer clothes, and other luxuries that the average working class or middle class family cannot afford to provide for their children. The children readily associate with their new parents as being the good parents that can provide for their needs and the biological parents as being abnormal, dysfunctional, poor, and unable to meet their new basic needs. Some children do not want to come home because they cannot live the new life provided by their foster parents to which they have become accustomed to during foster care. This system of protective services and foster care is very disturbing. During this completely process, Department of FIA is raking in the Federal and State grants to support its preventive, protective, and foster care programs. These are our tax dollars at work and are being misappropriated and wasted to create a foster care and adoption industry in our state. I am not arguing that there are never cases of child abuse or neglect in this state. There are real cases of such that must be meeting with the proper social nets.
But our current system is froth with abuse of power and waste of precious tax dollars that has created false child abuse and neglect cases for the purpose of creating employment for social workers and private industries providing foster care services, and counseling agencies. Also, provide individual therapy and psychological evaluations, and community education programs that provide anger management and parenting classes. All of these agencies are funded by our tax dollars, which are being wasted on parents who are only less than perfect and children who are not abused or neglected in the legal sense. Furthermore, all parents are court ordered to pay child support to the foster parents through the Friend of Court for the care of their children while in foster care. Parents pay on an average of $25.00 to $30.00 per week per child if FIA is providing the foster care family through it county agency. Parents pay approximately $150.00 to $2,000 per month if a private agency is hired by FIA to provide foster care services. Nobody is sure where this money goes once it is paid to the Friend of the Court.
The system of FIA needs to be restructured to make it workers accountable for their actions. Presently, FIA workers have complete immunity from civil actions in the State of Michigan unless a parent can prove that a worker was grossly negligent in the performance of his or her duties. Unfortunately, this is impossible to prove. If a parent pleas or the Probate Court finds that it has jurisdiction over the child for neglect and abuse, FIA continues to have jurisdiction over the child and ultimately terminates the parent’s rights, this will bar any suit against the FIA worker under the immunity doctrine. Once your child is in the system, FIA and its social workers are not accountable for the worker’s actions. The word is gold and the court’s accept the workers word as gold. The only recourse a parent has is to appeal the Probate/Family Court’s decision, which is very expensive. Most of my parents send approximately $10,000 to $20,000 in defending against FIA in child protection cases, even when they plea. Most of my parents end up losing their homes, vehicles, jobs because of court appearances and engagement of professional services, and savings. Most of my parents are forced into bankruptcy.

My heart goes out to any child despite color or ethnicity, because I believe that they need to be with their parents after the parents have received help. These CPS workers are extreme profiteer, profiting off our beloved American children. The American dream is not one where evil and sinister people are controlling, the American dream rest in the heart of every child and everyone that treasure the niceties of democracy. I believe in fairness and justice, and I hope everyone that have relatives in this tortuous system or have lost children to these inauspicious CPS workers, I ask that you run to your representatives and governing officials and tell them you do not want your tax dollars used for an organization like Child Protective Services to use unfair practices to take children away.
Nevertheless, if children are placed in an agency like St. Francis Family Center that makes most of its profit from adoption, one must consider why they would implement the truth of family reunification when they can adopt children out and make more money. They do not care about the “best interest of the child”, only the “best interest” that will line their pockets with more government aid and bonuses. Yes, I believe that children should never be in harm’s way, and anyone that harms children in any kind of way, need to have their head examine, and anyone believe that a foster home is more appropriate for children instead of their biological home after counseling services deem them appropriate, should be federally investigated.

Money Greed and Corpution Child Protective Services

We all hear the horror stories involving Child Protective Services but believe it will never happen to us. Maybe we like to believe that those horror stories are the exception to the rule. Maybe we like to think that the media is sensationalizing the facts for ratings and profit, after all, that is what the media does. Maybe we think that we are doing everything right and will never have to deal with the system.

The reality is that states and counties receive $30,000 for each child removed from the home and put into the system. Those funds go up to between $40,000 and $150,000 if the child has special needs. If you think that kind of money doesn’t breed corruption, think again. In March 2003 the city of San Francisco had 75,000 children in their system. 75,000 children at $30,000 each (that is assuming none of them were handicapped) is $2,250,000,000! Foster families receive between $3,000 and $8300 a year for fostering a child depending on the state. That is a nice little profit being made even after you account for salaries and other overhead. It would be interesting to know where several million dollars each year is going.

The Department of Child Protective Services is a relatively new department of the government. In 1974 the first child abuse case went before the courts. There were no child abuse laws at that time so the case was taken up by the Human Society of the United States. It was after that case that the first child abuse laws were written and the Department of Child Protective Services was put together. It wasn’t long before around 500,000 children were placed into the system with nothing in place to either return the children to their parents to find permanent homes for them. I remember attending elementary school with several children who lived in an orphanage where these children were put and forgotten about by the system.

Like most government agencies, CPS has evolved over the years and undergone reform to prevent abuse of the system as well as to make things run smoother and more effectively. However, it seems that the more rules that are put in place the more loopholes there are for corruption.

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Money, Child Protective Services, and Greed
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Pamela Floyd Jessup Ga Where Is She?

Unsolved Case

On February 16,1994 PAMELA FLOYD was reported missing: PAM FLOYD was a 28-year-old black female who resided in Jesup, GA. She was last seen operating a blue two-door Mazda 323 in the early morning hours of Sunday, February 13, 1994.

MS. FLOYD had accompanied several friends to the Jack-of-Diamonds, a local nightclub on Saturday, February 12, 1994. MS. FLOYD and friends arrived between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. MS. FLOYD later left the club alone.

On Sunday, February 27, 1994, at approximately 1:30 p.m., the body of a black female was found in a drainage ditch. That female was later identified as PAMELA DEMETRA FLOYD. Anyone having information concerning this case is asked to contact the JESUP POLICE DEPARTMENT at 912-427-1300 or WWW.JESUPPD.COM or Special Agent Tommy Stalvey of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation at 912-729-6198.

Gayle Moran Left Home One Night and Has Never Been Heard From Again Do You Know Where She Might Be?

CUE Center For Missing Persons CUE Center For Missing PersonsCUE Center For Missing Persons CUE Center For Missing Persons

P.O. Box 12714 Contact ContactContact Contact: :: : Wilmington, N.C. 28411 Monica Caison (910) 343-1131 (910) 232-1687 http://www.ncmissingpersons.org cuecenter@aol.com

For immediate release For immediate releaseFor immediate release For immediate release:
CUE Center for Missing Persons will aid Florida Missing Woman
“The family of Brittanee Drexel will arrive Friday to lend support for Gayle Moran”

Wilmington, NC – It’s been close to three months since Gayle Moran vanished from her Lake Placid home leaving no clue as to her whereabouts. Gayle was last seen at her resident on July 30th by family members in early morning hours asleep, her disappearance was discovered sometime after 3:00 am along with her vehicle a maroon Nissan Murano, license tag T07-2XC; she has not been heard from since.
Mrs. Moran was last believed to be wearing a dark lime green top and bottom, similar to a sweat suit or green t-shirt with elastic waist blue jeans, brown or beige sandal type shoes, and possibly with her is her purse. The sixty nine year old woman is a native of Connecticut but has live a large portion of her life in Florida. Her family feels she may have been disoriented the night she disappeared and is very concerned for her safety. “I know my mother was going through a lot with my father being so sick and the recent death of a good friend”, said Gayle’s son, Mark Dakin. “My father passed away days after my mother vanished and this entire ordeal has been horrible for me and my family”, he added.
Last Sunday CUE Center requested aid from area families of the missing to gain support in the case of Gayle Moran and within hours the mother of once missing; Mathew Stirling arrived to the area to offer comfort and wisdom for her family. Elisa Stirling knows all to well the feeling of a missing person and when a vehicle has vanished; her son, Mathew drove into a canal and was recovered months later. Mathew’s mother since has spear headed a campaign along with others to clean Florida canals in an effort to find more of the missing. “I feel since Mrs. Moran’s car has not been located, that it is a great possibility that she and her vehicle may be in a lake or canal”, said Elisa Stirling. The family of Gayle Moran is in agreement.
An awareness campaign is slated for this Friday with the arrival at noon of Kerri Drexel another area family assisting at the center’s request. Kerri is the Aunt of recent missing teen, Brittanee Drexel who vanished in April while visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina during spring break. Numerous large scale searchers have been conducted in which have not located the child’s whereabouts. Ms, Drexel along side of Gayle family plan to distribute posters of the missing woman in an effort to remind the public she is still missing
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And hopeful for any clues that may be developed during their effort. “My niece’s case has been blessed with national media coverage and our family is fortunate to have the media’s continual support; it is vital to keep a missing loved ones case alive, this is why I feel the need to help” said Kerri Drexel. “After time passes in a missing person case, they tend to fade from the public’s radar, or the public assume the person has been found”, said Monica Caison, CUE’s founder. “Every missing person deserves attention and we hope by our efforts we will aid the resolution of this case soon”, Mrs. Caison added. A website has been developed for Mrs. Moran at http://www.helpfindgaylemoran.com by the friends of missing Missouri – Skidmore teenager, Branson Perry. Branson disappeared from his neighborhood on April 11, 2001 and to date has not been located. “We offer this volunteer effort to help the CUE Center and families of the missing, as many have reached out to us over the years” said Linda Stovall, family advocate. In the last three years the missing teen’s loved ones have donated over twelve websites for various missing person cases, all in an effort to honor Mr. Perry.

Date of Birth: 08/29/1939 Height: 5 ft 6 inches, Weight: 225 lbs., Hair: Gray w/ brown undertones, Eye: Hazel: Brown/Green
Identifying Characteristics: Glasses, scars from double knee replacements and right shoulder operation rotor cup. Birthmarks and numerous moles all over her body, both ears are pierced. Jewelry : Two gold rings, 1 wedding, 1 engagement, several bracelets, and wore two or three on each wrist. A 24″ long necklace w/ a baby Jesus charm, seiko gold watch, half circle gold rope earrings.
If anyone has information concerning the whereabouts of Gayle Moran or her vehicle please contact the Highlands County Sheriff Office at (863) 402-7200 or the CUE Center for Missing Persons (910) 343-1131 or 24 line (910) 232-1687
Every missing person is somebody’s child.
CUE Center  P.O. Box 12714  Wilmington, N.C. 28411  (910) 232-1687
http://www.ncmissingpersons.org  e-mail: cuecenter@aol.com