How Did This Child Disappear out of Her House without Anyone Noticing?

This story is just to bizzare. How did a child that was only seven months old vanish into thin air? She was allegedly asleep in the same room with her parents and vanished between
11:00pm and 3:00AM – The question is how and who?

If she was asleep in her parents room how did they not know someone was in threir house?

resized_Shannon_DedrickA massive search and rescue operation involving several counties in Florida is underway for a missing baby girl. The parents of 7-month-old Shannon Lea Dedrick, of Chipley, FL, reported her missing at 11:23 a.m. on Saturday.

The police say the parents have indicated that the baby was in the same room as the parents, and could have been abducted between the hours of 3 a.m. and 11 a.m.

At least two neighbors are reporting that they saw a grey van near the missing girl’s residence the evening before she went missing. They said it’s the same van they have seen there numerous times over the past couple of months.

Washington County Sheriff Bobby Haddock did say investigators are looking at a “person of suspicion,” but would not elaborate on who that person may be. Whether or not the person is related to the grey van seen at the residence has yet to be determined.


Nailing Preditors One At A Time

77 arrested in statewide cyber sting of child sexual predators; two are from Boynton Beach, one from Jensen Beach and one from Port St. Lucie

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A statewide cyber sting announced Tuesday netted dozens of arrests of men who trolled the Internet for child pornography.

The 77 arrests round out a 10-week statewide effort dubbed Operation Orange Tree involving 23 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies targeting some of the worst cybercrime offenders.

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What are these?

Among those facing charges are: Boynton Beach residents Timothy J. Elliott, 21, and Eric C. Super, 31; 46-year-old Jensen Beach resident Timothy D. Orman, who is also a registered sex offender; and Port St. Lucie resident Graham D. Widmann, 26.

All four were arrested on charges of child pornography possession, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

According to the Florida sex offender registry, Orman’s prior conviction was for a California charge involving a victim younger than 14.

Operation Orange Tree was announced during a Tuesday morning press conference attended by state Attorney General Bill McCollum, Gov. Charlie Crist, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey and John Walsh, host of the television show America’s Most Wanted.

The sting nabbed four registered sex offenders. Seventeen of those arrested had a highly explicit video tutorial on how to molest children, officials said.

Investigators were also able to help five victims, including one teen who said she had been abused for the past decade.

“Florida is enhancing and fine-tuning the way we go about investigating these cyber predators,” Bailey said. “This should send a loud and clear message that our tactics and technologies will be aggressive and will always catch up with those who trade images of children being sexually violated.”

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Excerpt From Silent Scream Pamela Nater One of Schaefer’s Many Victims

Chapter Fifty One

Pamela Ann Nater

The Second Known

Silent Scream

     Pamela Ann Nater was born May 30, 1946 to Herman and Alice Nater. She was a 20 year old dark brown haired, brown eyed beauty that cool autumn day in October 1966 when she walked away from the picnic area never to be seen again. She was only five foot three inches tall and weighed one hundred twenty pounds.

   She loved the Beatles. She was going to be asked to be married to her current Beau Danny Dauterman.   

   Pam had graduated from Clearwater high school a few years early and became a nurse. She worked at Morton Plant Hospital.  

   Her father and mother posted at $25,000.00 reward for information about their daughter. In 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Nater were 87 and 85 years old.

   They knew they were reaching the end of their time and still had no closure on the daughter they loved and lost. They both knew that someone someplace knew something.

   In remembrance of Pam they kept the purse, comb and shoes their daughter left behind the day the forest heard her silent scream.

   Mr. Nater remains troubled. He still believes more should have been done by the Lake County Sheriff, Willis McCall. He felt that McCall only put on a show and gave lip service to the disappearance.

   The case has been closed, but their daughter remains in the forest screaming silently.   


They Have Been Silenced for to Long.

My name is Yvonne Mason. I am the author of several books but one is especially close to my heart. That book is my true crime Silent Scream. It is the story of the victims of Gerard John Schaefer, Florida’s first serial killer. His victims had been screaming silently for over thirty years when this book came to life and give them a voice.

To this day no one know just how many victims were created because of the evil of this man. We have no idea how many famlies are still victims because they don’t know where their daughters are, if they are dead or alive.

 Just this past week a young woman was returned to her family after 18 years of being missing. She will never be the same again. She lost all of her childhood and has been robbed of her young adulthood. By the time she was fourteen she was an unwed mother through no fault of her own. By the time she was seventeen she had two children who are forever changed because of the evil of one man.

 This blog is dedicated to finding this missing children and adults. There is a link on this site please go to it and help in any way you can. I will be posting articles on the missing and murdered. IF you as a reader have any that you would like to see posted please contact me at if you have any information about any of those who are on our site      please contact us. It doesn’t matter how small the information may seem to you. It could be the thread needed to find that person.

Those victims were not only robbed of  their lives and their families robbed of their lives we were robbed of our future. We have no idea what they might have contributed to society and the future had they not been snatched. That is a crime within itself.

We are not protecting our future. We are not guarding the gates of our children. We have to be more aware, we have to teach our children how to survive the shark infested waters of the evil that surrounds them. We have to give them the tools they need to know when they are in danger. This site will also provide that.

I look forward to posting pages, and things to keep you better informed. To educate your children and yourselves against preditors and those who would do you harm. Remember it is not always just strangers.

Yvonne Mason, Author

Silent Scream